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    Roof Rot

    We knew it would happen eventually, but yesterday discovered our first MAJOR problem. We noticed a short while ago, the bolts holding the lift rails (wrong term? the 4 extending towers on the 4 corners that raise the roof) to the roof, were pulling in from the side panel of the roof. Yesterday...
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    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    We call them pudgie pies, but yes to anything in a pie iron! Our go to staple is to have steak one evening, and then breakfast pudgie pies with leftover steak, eggs, and cheese. Yum! My mouth is watering.
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    PuP Maintenance Kit

    This, this, this, and more this. I cannot tell you how lucky we got. We left for our 3rd adventure Thursday night - and discussed this exact topic. 90 minutes later we were on the side of the road with a complete blowout, on the driver’s side. We were EXTREMELY (stupid) fortunate to discover...
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    Electrical problem/question

    Just circling back to close this out. Oddly, later that same night, the lights came back on, and everything has worked properly since then. We did learn that our AC can’t keep up in full sun in 90+ heat, but in a canvas popup, that’s expected! We love our camper. On to the next adventure.
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    Electrical problem/question

    Thanks all! Further testing and info: Turns out outlets are working after GFCI reset. Only overhead lights are not. Overhead lights were working last night, but we realized it was on battery power, not AC. Certainly need heavier duty power cord - that is on the list. Were originally plugged...
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    Electrical problem/question

    From yellow, roof, cable comes down plugs directly into camper to left of green. We know the green is the only cord to plug in to shore power as we’ve used everything successfully plugged in as it is now. Difference now is only AC works- nothing else. I so appreciate you taking the time to...
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    Electrical problem/question

    We have one plug, it’s one plug (green) to camper. Black cord to left is plug that goes to roof for AC (yellow).
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    Electrical problem/question

    Odd problem and we are newbies, so not very confident. We are ‘camping’ in a friends yard at the beach. We are plugged into shore power- a regular outlet in his home. Our AC has power, but there is no power anywhere else. Fuses look fine, 4 breakers have all been rest, GFCI tests and resets...
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    Hello from sunny Maryland!

    Finally are up off of the ground in a new-to-us PUP. Towing with my ‘21 Subaru Outback XT Touring, hauling our 2016 Forest River Flagstaff Classic 625D. We love it! It’s more camper than we thought we’d get, but we are enjoying the glamping lifestyle. We’ll probably upgrade to the ‘23 Subaru...
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    Yes! Works great.