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    Camper flooring glue info needed

    My girlfriend and I are redoing our 1991 Coleman popup flooring and need input. We have vinyl plank flooring and would like to glue it down for extra support. We ripped out the old vinyl sheet flooring, but some of it is still stuck to the plywood floor. What type of glue would you suggest we...
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    Restoration question

    Thank you for the input.
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    Restoration question

    [PU] We want to restore the cabinets in our 1991 Coleman, the doors and wood are pretty beat up. What kind of wood have others used for this type of project. It all seems to be 3/8" particle board. We would like something nicer that can be painted without breaking the bank. Especially for the...
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    Our very first PUP: 1990 Coleman Columbia

    [PU] Congratulations!! we just bought a 1991 Coleman Columbia! My gf has taken it out on it's maiden voyage and is doing very well with it at Smokies National Park. Does yours have an A/C unit installed?? I thought I saw that in one of the pictures. Enjoy!
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    New Campers!!

    I am doing some research on portable generators and would like some feedback on Generac IQ2000. I know all about the Honda brand and how great they are but the Generac seems significantly lower priced. What forum should I post my question on? thanks in advance.
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    New Campers!!

    We finally did it, we bought a pop up camper! [PU]. We've been talking about it for years, going to RV shows, I work at the Indiana State Fairgrounds so actually the shows come here. My GF and I live in Indianapolis and are surrounded by family and friends who are already campers and RVers. We...