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  • watchin ghost hunters havin hot tea greatful for a weekend off,,, happy place with my aussies <3 & seeing whats new on the site!

    i contacted them see if they could do just a one slide out! as my mini gasser is just the 1 slide!
    watchin the Tormados warning going off round texas Panhandle,, drinkin hot tea.. my cowgog Pard wedged tween the bottom of my desk & me... thunder,, is the culprit!
    Hope ALL are Safe & good!!
    yeah for me!! as soom as i figure AGAIn how to post pics I got the male connectwer mount bracket & xtra wire for get my popup plugged in an see whats what!! Thanks for ALL yalls input! i had to get my head on staright * told me 'kitty u can do this. quit being stupid' LOL
    I love this group!
    watchin muppet show drinkin coffee ☕ ☕ 🐾 🐾 [FEN] [FEN] [FEN] being lazy BUT got that pigtail in an im going out to see if it fits,,, keep fingers crossed kids!

    THEN have to to get the other end to hook up to my pickup,,
    drinking coffee cant wait for the 'plug' to get here & warmer weather.. =) going over the posts in the group & Enjoy the good folks in here ..Greatful for all that 'help' in here! 😊 ☕🐾
    good morning all! been busy with work Hope all ok! I did a t-shirt for 'fillmore' having fun..hadnt had time to mess with it a lot .=(
    k the 'pins that go in the supports when u raise are they 'just 'pins' & get them at hardware stpre?tk you!
    Hello! anyone else that has an vintage Viking or... What are you using to WATER PROOF yalls canvas?: Id sure Appreciate some Input here!
    relaxing off tomm watchin baywatch with my aussie,, an off to bring my little gasser home tomm! ill post pics! have good night yall...
    good mornin! (__)> well got my yard mowed fresh water in pards kiddie pool now its coffee break time an watch a little of Kellys Heros'
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