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    There's a app for that. Smart phones & camping..

    My favorite app is my antique Zenith AM/FM/shortwave radio. Born the same year I was - so approaching ancient. ~400 hrs on a set of batteries.
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    There's a app for that. Smart phones & camping..

    Stellarium! (astronomy) There is also a version for your computer. Both are open-source software so free!
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    1998 Starcraft

    Never mind, I see that you are probably done now... [:D]
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    1998 Starcraft
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    Amber LED Strip light for under the canopy

    I bought a warm LED bulb for the outside factory light. Also have a string of Harbor Freight LED patio lights. Not very bright but fun. Prefer to keep the campsite dim after dark. Just enough to not get hurt moving around. May consider using the dimmer above to make the string even dimmer. For...
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    Adding more lights

    I bought the same paddle type warm LED bulbs mentioned above and just upgraded the bulbs, use the same factory fixtures. We also have a tiny table 120V lamp that uses an LED night light bulb. A person can read next to it. We aim to get done all the crafts and meals done before dark. We prefer...
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    Why go camping if you're afraid of the dark?

    The problem with lights (if a person feels threatened) is it lights YOU up and darkens everything else. My relatives many years ago would always run two street lights attached to their carport and their detached garage. That created shadows so deep you couldn't see a buffalo standing in the...
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    Extra anti theft deterrent

    The canvas on our 1980s Jayco tucks into a groove next to the door. Tension holds it in the groove hard enough when the windows are zippered shut you'd need to cut the canvas to get in from the outside. No velcro.
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    When did you switch to a pup

    Resurrecting an old thread... Previously I was a backpacker. Met DW and we backpacked some before the kids started coming (~20 years ago). We car camped a couple of times since. Always want to camp more but life seemed to busy to load up and go camp for a weekend. I know, I know - priorities...
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    How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life) Our little moka pot is 25+ years old. Put new gaskets on it every once in a while. We change it up and enjoy coffee made different ways on the weekends. During the week it is coffee from a Hamilton Beach electric single cup drip machine...
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    Lack of secure security?

    Look up the Lockpicking Lawyer on YouTube. He's ruined my faith in all locks. ;)
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    Extra anti theft deterrent

    Drill and install a concrete anchor or two under where your PUP is parked. Use two HD chains to wrap around the tongue near the front of the body and maybe around the axle or rear bumper area - and lock it to the ground. Use one of those locks which protects the lock shank inside the body of the...
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    So I go to sit under my canopy....

    Is it unlocking b/c your remote is close to the truck. Switching off auto lock might fix your problem. I have the same feature switched off on my vehicle and I have my fob located at the other end of the house b/c sometimes it will ping the vehicle and cause the interior lights to come on. If...
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    Where to park camper

    Take your bicycle. Park the rig somewhere safe and pedal around town. An ebike is easier yet.
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    98 Coleman Seapine day 1

    Congrats! We did a version of that in our driveway. No time to camp yet.