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    Hello from Minnesota!

    Hello from the Twin Cities in Minnesota!
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    Hello from MN

    Hello from outside the Minneapolis ring (Chaska area). What things need to be done? Lots of help to be had in this group.
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    Searching for an original Coleman / Fleetwood awning

    I’m in Minnesota - SW of Minneapolis…
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    Searching for an original Coleman / Fleetwood awning

    Yes - we have both. I don’t have the add-a-room but the screen room - no covers for the windows. I prefer the Dometic cabana room because it will close up and I find it a bit easier to put up. As for selling the awning and screen room, the awning has metal legs that don’t fold up very well...
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    Searching for an original Coleman / Fleetwood awning

    We have a cabana room just like that one for our 07 bayside - love it. I have an awing and screen room (not the add-a-room) and like the cabana rooms better. Personal preference.
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    Hi from MN

    Hello from a fellow Minnesotan. We live SW corner of the Twin Cities. What part of MN are you from?
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    Surge Protection in 2022?

    I wired in an EMS that has a small remote display that i mounted by my WFCO box. Also put in a wall socket to the outside so the cord gets coiled and put into the front trunk. Found an open ground at one campsite - plugged in to the adjacent pole and notified the office. It’s interesting to...
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    07 Fleetwood Bayside Wiring Diagram

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for an ‘07 Fleetwood Bayside? I have a general one for the 12V interior wiring to the appliances (fed by the WAFCO) but nothing that shows the actual wiring harness that is in the camper (shows lights/signals, etc.).
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    Grey Water Question!

    After adding the one that Sjm9911 suggested, you might want to add one of these Without it, your water will probably be slow going down the sink. The open end allows air into the hose and your sink will probably drain faster - similar the DWV pipes in your house with the vent line that goes up...
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    Diamond Film??

    Resurrecting an old thread - to the OP, how has the diamond film held up over the last couple of years?
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    2004 bayside elite water pump ?

    While you are down there, much of the sound you hear when the pump runs comes from the lack of isolation of the pump motor and piping from the slide out. If it is annoying to you, use some pipe-wrap insulation to deaden some of the sound. Don’t pack it tight as that will only serve to couple...
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    2004 bayside elite water pump ?

    I have a ‘’07 Bayside. Take off the trim that covers the front side of the slide - 4 screws, I think. You can pull off the cover and it is under the rear bench side of the slide.
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    Civilian Conservation Corps Memorial Trail

    There is a nice CCC museum in Hill City SD. It is not large but you can spend a couple of hours there looking at the exhibits and reading about the camps. In a time when there were no jobs, it gave men a way to support themselves and their families, trained them in a trade, and gave them...
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    The little fridge is not acting like 3 way??

    You are not the only one… I either use an inspection mirror that has a swivel head or I use a lighter and turn it on without clicking the igniter. It lets gas out and if the pilot light is lit, the lighter will light.
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    Fridge leveling

    The reason for leveling the fridge is that the absorption type of fridges work on gravity alone for the return of the working fluid. If it is too far out of level, the fluid will collect in the coil bends and not return to the bottom where it is evaporated by the heat source. With a compressor...