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    Hand crank?

    The way the auto lift is geared you really need a drill with a 3/4” socket. My lift died on one trip and it took almost 3-4 minutes to raise the roof with drill on high speed! Also these lift systems are known for having wiring come loose or limit switches to go out of adjustment. Lift a couple...
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    Help! Electric Winch Not Working

    Have had similar issues with mine. You can use the drill to raise the roof just a little bit then try switch again. If it works then your limit switches need to be adjusted, if not then gently move wires going to circuit board while holding switch in up position. If loose wire you will hear...
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    Pop Up jack for changing tire?

    I use this and it’s fantastic! Easy to use and set up. I’ve used it in my driveway many times for doing maintenance and things, and helps to avoid spending too much time on the roadside playing with setup. The cutout goes around the axle and you just pull forward to raise the tire. If you go too...
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    gray water tank in pup

    Was thinking about trying to install this for our sink, probably a smaller size though. Right now we use the portable gray water tank with wheels and just dump it when we leave, but in our Rockwood pup the drain for sink and shower are on separate ends of camper, so would like to use portable...
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    External TPMS issue

    I’ve installed tire minder on our pup this last year. Got the 4-pack so I can have one on spare. Problem I was having after longer trips, about 150-200 of running I would lose signal. Freaked out first time this happened thinking I lost a tire so pulled over right away and tire was fine. About...
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    Air Fryer

    I’ve made toast in ours just to see how it comes out and it works pretty good, but only if you like super crispy toast. I’ve found you can pretty much make anything that fits in it, but I’d stay away from the bacon, no recovering from that mess!
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    Lift System Lubrication

    I have used wheel ramps for my Rockwood. It’s a bigger model with slide out, so after I got in position on the ramps I set my parking brake and then placed jackstands under axle for a little extra piece of mind. It wasn’t sitting on stands, they were just there. I do this for maintenance, and...
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    Video Review of cheap battery monitors

    Button on right and a pic of my install
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    Video Review of cheap battery monitors

    There’s a little button you use a pen or something with a fine tip to touch to turn light on and off. You use that same button for setting high and low voltage alarms also.
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    I love my Bal leveler, but

    Love my BAL but wrench was worthless. We also use a cordless drill since I can use same socket for BAL and my stabs, 3/4 works perfectly. Also, if you use drill and it has two speeds, make sure you use low speed high torque setting for leveler, and we don’t use a swivel, can just go straight on...
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    Video Review of cheap battery monitors

    I also just got done installing the bayite from the same review. I found another guy install it using cat5 cable so you can put ends on battery side and unit side, easy to hook up and do testing during install without constantly have to hook up wiring. So far so good
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    The one thing you wish someone had told you.

    Lots of good info here! I would add at every campground you visit, cruise around after you’re set up and make a note of any preferred sites you would like to reserve if you ever go back. Wife and I love doing that and checking out other setups while at it, get a lot of great ideas just by...
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    Rockwood 2516g Leaks After Rain When Closed

    Not sure. Didn’t even know there was a problem until I noticed mold buildup on the bottom of the rear wall. I complained to forest river since I just had the roof replaced a few months prior and they sent me two 4x8 sheets of their wall panels to shut me up. Before I installed the new panel I...
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    Rockwood 2516g Leaks After Rain When Closed

    We had a couple warm days here so I decided to tear into that back wall from the water leak from that roof leak and here’s what it looked like