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    bike rack

    It does not have roof rails. And the box is so high that it is level with the top of the truck which makes it difficult to see the bikes if there were to be a problem. My husband definitely does not want to use a roof rack.
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    bike rack

    a Dodge Ram truck.
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    bike rack

    We have a 2009 Fleetwood Avalon highwall pop up and want to install a bike rack. My husband is afraid of putting one on the top because its already so high! Has anyone had experience installing one on the rear or even the front of a pop up? Would love to have it for a trip to the upper peninsula...
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    Camp Site lighting

    I think people need to be sensitive to others around them when they choose lighting for their campsite. We went camping last weekend and the site next to us lights were so bright we had to ask them to turn them off! We felt like we were camping in a baseball field! They were very kind and...
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    awning repair/replacement

    I have a 17 foot Fleetwood Avalon highwall camper and the awning bag is starting to rip away from the rubber that holds it onto the camper. Is this something that can be repaired? If not, anyone know where I can get a replacement awning bag? Most of the awnings I see online don't seem long enough.
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    air conditioner condensation

    Pool noodle!! what a great idea!! I will definitely try that!
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    air conditioner condensation

    Does anyone have any hacks/tricks they use to keep the condensation from the air conditioner from trickling down onto the fabric of the bed end?
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    How do you make your Camper & Site "Special" ?

    Oops! Its not a strobe light, I used the wrong word! Its just tiny little soft green Christmas light projector that we aim high up in a tree. Very non obtrusive. We turn it off at 10. you can't really even see them unless your right at our site. People love them.
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    How do you make your Camper & Site "Special" ?

    For us, part of the fun of camping is setting up all the "stuff!" We use lights all around the awning as well as one of the strobe lights people use for Christmas and shine it into a tree. It looks like fireflies! We also put a screen house over the picnic table, and we use a colorful carpet...
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    Recommendations for a small hybrid?

    Ive been looking into the rockwood Roo 21ss. We have a highwall pop up now and I would like to upgrade next summer. Ive heard great things about them, but haven't looked into the towing capacity bc we have a ram truck so its not an issue.
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    To have a sink or not to have a sink... That is the question.

    Im on my fourth pup and now we have a highwall that has a double sink! You'd have to pry that thing out of my bare hands! I HATED doing dishes outside and deal with all the extra stuff it took to do them outside. But again, its personal preference. I LOVE having a sink!
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    Would I miss a water heater in a pup?

    we're on our 4th pop up, the first one with a bathroom and a hot water heater. Doing dishes without having to boil water and have hot water to wash up before bed was a game changer for us!
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    Door delimination

    Im looking at purchasing a Fleetwood Roo 21ss. Its exactly what I want but the seller said the door to the front bed is delaminated. Is that a serious issue? What exactly does that mean and how hard is it to fix it?
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    Want to get into camping- the journey of picking a type of camper. Could use your help!

    I have a 2009 Fleetwood AVALON(pretty similar to the Sequoia) that I just purchased last July, primarily bc it has a bathroom, and bc its a highwall, it just feels bigger. This our 4th pop up, but our first highwall and first double axle. It does take some getting used to pulling it-our box is...
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    Coleman 2001 Fairview

    So that is $about $5100 in American which still seems high to me. Does it have ac? or a push out? We bought a 2009 Fleetwood Avalon double axle highwall last August, so in the middle of the pandemic and I paid $8000. I felt it was reasonable as it was in mint condition. Unfortunately, prices are...