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    Brakes and directionals work on trailer but not other lights

    I have had a dirty 7 pin connector cause all kinds of problems. Try using compressed air to blow out both. You could also use an aerosol spray cleaner made for plastic and electrical components. Don’t use brake cleaner (too harsh on the plastic) I unfortunately learned that the hard way. But...
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    Crank problem question.

    I also recommend starting with Derrick at Extremely knowledgeable with all things related to Coleman and Coleman//Fleetwood pop ups. Plus he has tons of parts for different models years. Not to mention he is adding into his YouTube video library on a regular basis. I...
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    Coleman Glide-Dinette pull Handles

    I am needing to replace one on my 07 Utah, but they are out of stock. Seems like I keep missing them. I read that it is easier to do with the slide out pulled out but since I have never done it it I really don’t know. I am wondering if you can gain access from underneath once the slide out is in...
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    Looking at a PUP that was not used by current owner

    We have the alumitite roof as well. Stored outside its whole life in AZ. No issues here.
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    Sequoia towing

    I am assuming you mean where to set your brake controller settings? Like mentioned earlier you want to be be able to feel them engaging but not locking up. It really is a feel thing. If you have the built in controller vs aftermarket they can all vary a bit. I tow my Coleman Utah 3500lbs with my...
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    Wireless/battery tool systems for the camper?

    I have a Ryobi pump that does both. I keep it in the car on any long trip. Ryobi has fans, lights, vacuums that can come in handy on a camper, as most platforms do. I have owned many different platforms over the years being a former tradesmen and I finally found myself settling on Ryobi and...
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    How long is too long?

    That is a great question and also very impressive.
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    New Folding Faucet!

    I like the idea of the faucet folding down, however looks like it is a cold only faucet? Maybe there is a hot and cold version out there.
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    To anyone on the fence about Pop Up Gizmos

    FWIW I tried to save money and not buy the SHW and regretted it the first time I encountered winds over 12mph. It may seem like a lot but it really isn’t. But I did find a solution that works extremely well and maybe in the long run it cost a little more but I have seen some pretty high winds...
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    This is Mr. Whitney a desert tortoise. I know this is a turtle thread but maybe he will be welcome here. He is an adventurous type. He sees obstacles as a challenge to climb them. He is about 50 years old as far as we know. He was passed on to us by a family member.
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    What watts Generator?

    Yes! This . I do the same and so many devices now run off or recharge using 12v usb style plugs. I too have 100 watts of solar and it is more than enough to keep the battery charged. It’s easy to set up and don’t have to worry about extra or fresh fuel. Then again I live and camp in the...
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    Pulling kids out of school

    The absence of letting us know that you turned out ok is mysterious We once missed 2 weeks of school to travel from AZ to Wisconsin when I was 10. I had to complete handwriting excersises in the van while on the road. Today I have terrible handwriting.
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    How do you set up your awning?

    I have a Coleman Fleetwood popup with the original awning. I would miss it terribly if I didn’t have it. I set it up by myself every time and takes 10-15 minutes tops. I live and camp in AZ where shade from the sun even in Northern AZ or the high country is priceless. Even on overnight trips I...
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    Things I learned in the scouts oh so long ago.

    Wow I just checked out our council website and the summer camp I attended is celebrating its 100 year anniversary! How cool.