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    Family living in a pup

    I think I would like to try living in my pup. But we can't find a local campground that would accept our dogs. (pit bull) Thanks for sharing your experience on the tiles. I had planned to get some already. And it is nice to have someone share their experience.. : ) I also found this and going...
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    Just passing on some info on "Electric brake system installation"

    H Hi PaThacker... it is an old vehicle, 2007. Transmission was worn out. It has done a good job towing the PUP so far. Though admittedly I don't think we would try taking it to the mountains with this vehicle. : ) donna
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    1996 Palomino Mustang FG

    Great price, big job.. wow.. You sure you don't want to go back to that "rainbow farting PUP"?... A paint job would have been simpler.. lol Kidding of course.. : ) Good luck with it, looking forward to seeing what you do with it...
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    Saco w/6 kids and 1 wonderful Husband to be

    Welcome to the Portal Joanna.. Sounds to me like you are going to need a vacation after the vacation.. WOW I count 9 people? HI from South Carolina donna
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    Video: PopUp Camping in Freeport Maine | Popham Beach | Funtown Splashtown

    That was awesome.. Thank you for sharing your awesome vacation with us. Loved it....Just keep loving that family, memories like that are FOREVER!!! donna
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    Newbie freaking out...

    LOL.. quote: I hate the outdoors, bugs, critters, frizzy hair, etc etc. Well now that sounds familiar.. LOL West Virginia huh? Yep those bugs and critters add an extra delight to the camping don't they?.. LOL My hubby is my best defense against the bugs.. they prefer him over me.. lol I...
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    Dometic 3-way fridge cools then gets warm.

    OH my .. yeah that would NOT be fun to do at all JSC. I hope that circulation fan works for you. I think you and I have different problems.. Your Fridge seems to "FAIL" at some point.. right? Mine is mostly ignorance at this point. I THINK?? SEEMS i need to start my fridge up the day...
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    New from Arizona (it's a dry heat, just like your oven!)

    Welcome to the Portal..Arizona is my dream vacation really!!! hope to get there before I die.. lol great group here.. Hi from hot and humid SCarolina.. where everything sticks to ya like an extra layer of skin.. ugg..
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    Newbie freaking out...

    Mountaineer.. welcome to the Portal. Sounds like you are having an adventure within an adventure. You sound like I did in the beginning.. . LOL ENJOY YOURSELF!!! I am learning that those PUPS are tougher than they look.. : ) quote: Do I turn off the power of I’m going to be out most of the...
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    Towing Trailers is Dangerous

    wow thanks for sharing your story Dan.. very good reminder.
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    Clean-up tips for PUP after returning home from camping..

    Thanks Rik...ill check that one out..: )
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    Clean-up tips for PUP after returning home from camping..

    Thanks silvermickey..: ) I think? It would be a good addition for gets pretty humid here in the south..sometimes even the sheets feel wet in those 90 or more tempts... it was 105 today...
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    Clean-up tips for PUP after returning home from camping..

    Um.. I'm thinking about this one, for while we are camping... but sure wish they had a smaller model. Space is always an issue in the PUP...
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    Clean-up tips for PUP after returning home from camping..

    RIK.. do you have any suggestions on the dehumidifier? Might as well go for it all while I am at amazon prime.. lol
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    Clean-up tips for PUP after returning home from camping..

    great advice people.. thank you. Ordering my Damprid and 303 vinyl protector now... I was very concerned with the vinyl drying out with Windex.. Thank you all, very much appreciated..