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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    We love it, but it has the queen and double beds. The Dinette also makes a double as well. It's basic as we have no air or heat, but it serves our purposes quite well.
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    30 years of tent camping and raising 3 girls. My trailer was a Canadian Tire folding utility trailer which has been rebuilt and modified, several times. I have no desire to go any bigger than the 10 foot Flagstaff 206LTD that I have now, and the only reason is because at our age, camping on the...
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    Fixed my sink drain

    UPDATE: I came up with an issue when closing up the bunk, over the folded sink. The tubing is too thick and rigid, and causes a serious amount of drag when sliding in the bunk. Other than that, all works great. I think I'm going to try strapping it down close to the hole it comes up through, and...
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    RV "junkyard" - at least one exists

    Them's the guys I thought of, seeing your post, when I was trying to locate Roof corner caps for my flagstaff. Just a bit too far from my My in-laws lived Kitty-Corner from the South River Arena and my FIL sharpened skates for the hockey schools and regular patrons there. We were up...
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    RV "junkyard" - at least one exists

    Hap's, I've never heard of, and we used to go to South River all the time. Tisdelle's is in Tilbury, about 70 km away from home. They're close enough. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.
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    Fixed my sink drain

    I think I'll look into the PVC Vent pipe solution and see what is available at my local hardware store. Thanks for the replies.
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    Fixed my sink drain

    Got up the energy to tackle a long overdue project and replace the drainage plumbing between the sink and the outside wall. Ripped out the old flexible hose and replaced it with clear corrugated 1 1/4 hose. It's a little heavy but won't collapse under use (I hope). Now I just need a way to get...
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    How Many Interior Overhead Lights?

    I have a single fixture over the galley, with 1/4" power jack, and a dual fixture over my dinette. These give us plenty of light, after converting the bulbs to LEDs. Our Flagstaff is 10' in length.
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    New battery system on 2007 Flagstaff LTD 206

    I purchased a 2007 Flagstaff LTD 206 last fall and found that the battery system had been removed, and I wish to try and reinstall it. Has anyone done this install from the converter out? What items would I need to complete this job? I am also considering a solar charging option as well. I...
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    Hello from Windsor, ON, Canada aka "South Detroit"

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. eoleson1, just across the ditch, haha. nineoaks2004, I couldn't agree more. Snow, WrkrBee, bobinfleet, megcabra, Wrenchgear, kcsa75, I know. Many a time I've sat at the Detroit River and thought "Wow, That's the US North of me"
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    Our first Pup, 2007 Flagstaff 206LTD

    Thanks Tyl, Always good to look at other options. I'm thinking of replacing the canvas in a couple of years if everything goes well. a closer look at the window is warranted to determine if more damage was done to the window (which is probably the case) It's been raining most of the night here...
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    Our first Pup, 2007 Flagstaff 206LTD

    Opened the Pup up today and found out a few things weren't exactly as advertised but after a major storm early this morning there was no sign of water entry with the top down. The canvas has signs of mildew but we also discovered that this trailer was a rental unit, purchased by someone to do a...
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    Saggy door needs to be adressed
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    Torn window