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    How Cold Is Too Cold

    We don't use any water systems in our camper. We use bottle water or just use a hose on the spigot for the site. The sink is so darn small it's near useless, we use the sink to store little things. i.e. flashlights, keys, wallets ect.
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    Runs on A/C and propane, will not work on DC

    Greetings, While camping last w/e the fridge quit working on DC. We switched to AC and it ran fine (it was working well on DC before). thoughts?
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    Light/Converter question

    If you have a volt meter, place it on the battery and measure the voltage with no lights, one light and both. If the voltage drops you have a problem. Could be a weak battery, but more investigation needs to happen to be sure.
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    Is it weird that I am always looking for a new one?

    I used to, but since our last upgrade I've stopped looking. It used to be a passion, but now I think I like our PUP so much I don't look around any more. Same thing with the DW, once I found her I stopped looking for a new one, although I still do watch them drive by......
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    Lets find the average age of PUP'er.

    Let see where you fit in?
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    What was the thing that sold you on your PUP?

    We got a starter model in 07, then upgaded in 08 to a floor plan that we really liked. Laege bench seat, lots of storage.
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    Battery Replacement

    Greetings, Bought PUP Is in 2010. In Spring 2011 dealer had to replace battery (because I left it on camper over winter). I use the camper even in the winter months, I live in NC. The coldest it got this winter is 28 degrees. Now I go to use the camper this w/e and the one year old battery...
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    Let's see your Family Sign...

    Here is ours, short sweet and homemade...
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    How did camping start in your family?

    In 1967 my parents rented a PUP to go to the York Beach ME for a week. We all liked it so much we ordered our Starcraft PUP the day we got home. We used it mostly to travle to the beach and Canada, not really to "camp" as in roughing it in the woods. I've tent camped all my adult life, when...
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    What is your single most favorite camping gear? (Can be a feature in your pup)

    For me it's the camper. I enjoy setting it up and really love the comfort.
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    How many nights?

    25 nights. Two separate weeks at the shore, weekends there and the mtns. And a W/E at a NASCAR race. Starting 2011 with 8 nights in the Fla Keys in Jan at Bahia Honda. Good Times......
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    Outer Banks suggestions

    Thanks folks, good suggestions.
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    Cheap 2011 popup

    We have a Rockwood made by the same company. I think the 176 is the small basic model. We had the same floor plan for 2 years and loved it. My dealer quotes $850 to add air. I can't imagine a PUP without it. Good Luck
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    What kind of toilet chemicals are the best? Been having a stinky problem

    We had same issue with our Thetford. I've found rinsing the Thetford out wth bleach 2-3 times a year helps.
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    Outer Banks suggestions

    Greetings, We're planning a trip to the NC Outer Banks for the summer of 2011. We typically use State Parks with fairly natural surroundings as opposed to 10' camper on a 20' wide spot. We need 30 amp electrical but don't need water. Lookiing for any natural setting campgrounds. Thoughts???