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    First Time Buyer Need Help

    It looks brand new on the photos, but pictures typically look better. Price is relative but my bet is that it is priced to negotiate. Good luck!
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    Price Check

    In my experience you cannot go by NADA, pups are a unique item and the demand is stronger usually than the supply. With that said, everything is negotiable, and I agree with someone earlier, if it meets your needs and condition is good and you negotiate the best deal for you, then the price you...
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    Help with buying a new popup

    Good luck deciding, after a child & adult life of tent camping, I first tried a pup, coleman sea pine and loved it. After a Florida storms, I went to a 21' enclosed sc and loved it. Then I went to a 33' jayco tt with huge slide and all of the amenities. Now I just bought a 98 coleman cheyenne...
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    Late model Coleman Evolution Roof Identification

    There should be an ID plack that gives manufacturing date. Or do you want to know ahead of time? Which roof are you looking for? Or is it the year?
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    2000 Coleman Cheyenne Front Storage box Rebuild

    Thanks to all of you guys who have supplied info and pics. I am starting ALL of these projects on my 98 Cheyenne. My immediate need is the roof, and then the front storage. The photo of the diamond plate box is very helpful, I have thoughts of that route. I have already used shiny chrome...
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    Started work on trying to take the sag out of my Coleman ABS roof today.

    Please let us know how this works out. I was developing another fix, but your supporting column will help my project also.
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    abs roof seal ?

    Here is the link from where the eBay guy gets it. Less than half the price.
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    Rhino Linings introduces long-term RV roof repair product

    I believe they have formulated the product differently than the other brands. Now there are luxury manufacturers now using the rhino product. The other brands have not reformulated for this long term use. The prior rhino product like the other brands would not adhere long term. So this is a...
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    Coleman ABS Roof Seal Gasket

    The one on eBay, he gets it from perfect fit, I will include the link. Less than half the price. Same thing he is selling and is perfect for the coleman cheyenne I bought. Hope this...