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    Thetford C2 freshwater pump quit working? Easy fix!

    Thanks so much for this info! The pump has gone out on my C2 also. Found this very pump at Amazon for just $26!!
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    Thetford toilet won't "flush"

    I read through some of the other posts and someone suggested the impeller might be seized up in this case. So, I removed the toilet paper holder thingy as suggested, but I don't have a motor under there. I did have lots of clean blue water in the area, which I pumped out so I could see for sure...
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    Thetford toilet won't "flush"

    I am resurrecting this old post of mine in need of help with the same problem again. My thetford toilet won't flush again. However, I've put a new fuse in it and it's STILL not flushing. Even put a 6 amp fuse in there this time. It kept blowing the 3 amp and 5 amp fuses. Obviously something...
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    Table Rock State Park (SC) site recommendations

    No, I didn't go. Ended up at Lake Wateree SP instead. :) Still want to go to Table Rock but it'll be sometime this summer.
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    Help me find a good cooler!

    Thanks everyone. I read through some of the older posts here and have come to the conclusion that I'm not going to find anything as good as the old coleman without spending big bucks. My problem is that I use that one as a food cooler but it's really not big enough for more than about a 3 day...
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    Help me find a good cooler!

    I have one small Coleman cooler that will keep ice in it for DAYS. It was given to me a few years ago and I can't find any info on the bottom or sides about what model it is. I have another Coleman cooler that I bought last year that was advertised as a "5 Day" cooler - one of the "Xtreme"...
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    Table Rock State Park (SC) site recommendations

    We're planning a possible trip to Table Rock State Park in the SC upstate over spring break. Anyone have any site recommendations? Right now there's a lot available on the dates we're going. Thanks!!
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    Labor Day Weekend 2011 - Are you camping & if so, where?

    I hadn't planned on camping on a holiday weekend, but I started regretting it a few days ago. Found a spot that opens up Sunday at Huntington Beach State Park and we're staying till Wednesday. The kids go to school online and I work online, so we'll all just work a little ahead Friday and...
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    Trailer in states that require plates when yours does not

    I'm in SC. The DMV told me I don't have to have plates for in-state travel, but to go out-of-state I should get them. It was only another $15 here, so it was easy enough to just do it and not have to worry.
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    2003 Coleman Niagra grand touring elite Cost question

    Yep, I agree, it's a bit high. I looked at a 2003 Niagra last spring when I was trying to find a pup and the guy's non-negotiable price was $5500. It too was in extremely good condition - almost like new.
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    New To Camping - Stress and other things

    lol, that's such good advice about not trying to use everything. I still haven't tried to use my hot water heater, shower, or furnace. I guess if I camp late enough this season or early enough next, I might try to fire up the furnace, but when we camped in april, the electric heater was enough.
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    We got our Pup!

    What a great looking pup! I have a 2004 Flagstaff 228, and I paid a good bit more than you did. I think you got a great deal! I'm not sure about the weight limits, but I am pretty sure you are fine. Do a search on the forums and you should come up with some info.
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    New To Camping - Stress and other things

    I have felt exactly the same way this summer. I bought my first pup in the early spring and it has been one thing after another... outfitting the TV, repairing this that and the other on the pup (including two trips to the repair shop), trying to figure out little stupid stuff like why my...
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    Ants, ants, ants!!

    I haven't stayed there in my pup yet, but I've visited family who were in their camper. Ants haven't been a problem for them as far as I know, so maybe you just got "lucky". I'm hoping to make it there after labor day myself!
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    CAUTION: Use glow sticks carefully!

    Good warning... and I just wanted to comment that when I gave these to my kids on our last campout, every last one ended up on the low limbs of a tree on our site. One of them tossed his up there and they each followed suit - while I wasn't looking or I would have stopped them. It did look kinda...