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    Are there any work campers out there?

    We did work camp for several years, with very mixed results. If the compensation includes dollars, that can present income tax problems in the state you short term worked in, as well as your home state in some instances. Sometimes, the comp. is lot rent, propane, electric, laundry and a camp...
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    New to Camping with a Dog...

    We rescued our dog while we were full timers. And crate trained her from the beginning. She goes into the crate at night and whenever we had to leave her alone in the trailer, and when in the tow vehicle. Some states now require pets be restrained in a vehicle, and the crate makes it easy. If...
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    Howdy from Michigan vintage pop up tent camper

    My Dad was born in Mohawk, I still have some family in the area, sadly most of the ones I have met have passed away now. I love the Copper Country, and would love to live there, but my health won't let me shovel snow anymore.
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    Howdy from Michigan vintage pop up tent camper

    I was visiting a Great Uncle one time in Mohawk, he said he had not been below the bridge in 30 years, and thought "the might MAC", a little later, I realized he was talking about the lift bridge.
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    New member from SW MICH

    Hi Robert, welcome from the Thumb, we traveled with a Roll-A-Home trailer, similar to a Leesure Lite, towed with a Goldwing/Sidecar rig. Limited storage room for the "stuff" you need will be a challenge, other then trying to keep it as small and light as possible, I can't offer much advice...
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    How do you make coffee?

    We take the good old Mr. Coffee, if we don't have electric, we heat water in a tea kettle, and slowly pour it in the filter, can't survive with out my coffee.
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    Metamora-Hadley North versus South

    It's been a while since we camped there, but if I remember right the south loop is not as level as the north, but more wooded with a nice bath house, also farther from the beach, and camp store. I think the north loop is usually a little more of a party campground, and louder.
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    Lost a good pal last night

    Sorry for your loss, it is so hard, but he had 10 years of love from you.
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    Funny/scary/weird experiences...

    I have seen some scary things while camping, starting when I was a Boy Scout and watched a friend nearly chop his foot off with a dull axe, but the worst was several years ago, camping in Michigan's UP to enjoy the fall colors. As we were backing into the site, the whole woods seemed to burst...
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    Crossing Canada/USA border with pup

    Once when crossing into Canada at the Soo, they searched our trailer and truck very thoroughly, and asked several questions about guns. I wondered about it before I remembered I had a NRA decal on the rear window of the truck.
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    Fireside Chat

    Plus you have all of those Huskies in town, I love it up in the UP.
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    Cheapest monthly rate USA???

    We have stayed at RV parks that insist the rig be less than 10 years old, but not very often, more often they allow older units that have been well taken care of, while not allowing junk in if they notice it.
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    DId you ever?

    A couple of friends, fellow full timers did that once, got up in the morning and found they were in a clothing optional campground. My friends wife made him pay and leave even before breakfast. Darrell wrote about it on his blog and everyone had a good laugh.
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    Black Bear Season

    The problem with that is that our children didn't have the chance to raise their children the way that they were raised. My oldest granddaughter came home from school the first day and told her mom " my teacher said if you spank me, you will go to jail". That's the problem with some of the kids...
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    What to do with pet while gone

    There was a story on our local news today about a "dog flu" that has been found in six states, including ours (Michigan) they say it is very contagious, and to try to keep your dog out of kennels, doggy daycare, and dog parks.