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    2014 Midwest Halloween Rally

    Made it to our first Portal rally. Thanks to Friar Tuck, we reconnected with some long time GLPUC friends and met a bunch of great portal peeps. We will be back! [CP]
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    2014 Midwest Halloween Rally

    Riley departed this earth on Labor Day. His health had been failing for a while and really deteriorated over the weekend. He was a great dog. His kennel mate won't be far behind. Aspen has cancer in liver and spleen. Still fairly content with life right now, but don't think she will be here...
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    Bikes/Rack ripped off PUP! Help!

    I tried to go through a McDonalds drive thru after a bike outing. Totally spaced on the bikes up top until one got snagged in the cable that they put in advance of the window to remind people like me that it's not going to work. Minor damage to the rack and major hit to the pride.
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    2014 Midwest Halloween Rally

    Normally I swipe the Friar's beer and take credit for it.
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    2014 Midwest Halloween Rally

    Hi folks. Long time absent, but we'll be at this one. I think my good friend the Friar already posted our attendance. 309 is correct. Arriving Friday 10/24, departing Monday 10/27. No kids, unsure about puppy.
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    How can I cool my Popup

    Pop up Gizmos are worth the investment. They really cut down the solar heating. As to a/c location, overhead (rv) units cost more than window units but are far more effective than lower mounted units. The.roof mount units direct the airflow into the bunkends. If your budget permits, it's the...
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    Run fridge while roof down

    We always plug in at home 24 hours in advance. The fridge and freezer compartment are well chilled before I load it on trip day. We rarely worry about keeping it chilled in transit. Most of our trips are less than 2 hours of travel and the fridge maintains fine for that span of time.
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    How much a/c do I need?

    We have a 13.5 on a 14 foot box -about 26' end to end. We also have pop up gizmo bunk end covers and that combo is plenty for our beast. IMHO the gizmo covers are a great investment. We use the a/c a lot less because the camper stays so much cooler with the gizmo covers and we prefer an open...
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    Anybody else seen an Alto by Safari Condo?

    Saw one this week at Holland, MI. This is similar to [email protected], but with major improvements. Incredibly spacious for a teardrop, lightweight and appears to be very well built. Unfortunately, it's only in Canada. Anybody have one? Feedback?
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    First morning at Holland S.P. in MI

    Ottawa Beach General Store still has Hudsonville Icecream and it is still outstanding! Ottawa Beach Inn has a very nice Oberon draft. The bike riding has been great and the weather spectacular.
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    Selfish or Realist?

    Regardless of the decision, I admire your determination. I hope you enjoy several more campouts together.
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    Pokagon State Park In

    Also one of our favorite parks. I knew there was a reason I gave up mountain biking ;)
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    First morning at Holland S.P. in MI

    We're settled in for a week of campfires, cycling, the beach and good times at Holland. The campsites are packed, but it is clean and quiet. The forecast is great. It is good to be here!
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    Lift question.

    Hopefully a Starcraft owner will provide specific help. If you don't have the full manual, check the library here for one. As for the lights, ours will dim when we turn them all on even when we are plugged (called shore power) in. It has to do with the converter output. Simple way to test -...
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    My Michigan Upper Peninsula Trip

    Sounds like a great trip!