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    pine sap on vinyl

    Rubbing alcohol.
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    How to stabilize camper?

    This is what I did:
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    my taps do not turn off

    Most of 'em are really loud, but it's not usually the pump itself at fault. It's usually the plumbing vibrating against something. There are many ways to mitigate the sound: Water pump silencing kit Foam pipe insulation Hold down brackets to anchor the hoses. Mount pump itself on a rubber pad...
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    Back to the subject of Generators....

    It's a cheap generator, so the noise level is obviously going to be higher than a Honda or Yamaha. I would say that the sound level is comparable to a similar (cheap) gas version, no better and no worse. I went with propane because I know my track record with small has engines (lawn mower, weed...
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    Furnace Questions

    The burner shouldn't come on if the fan isn't running. The sequence should be: Thermostat calls for heat, fan turns on and runs for a preset period (15-30 seconds or so), ignitor clicks as gas valve opens, burner ignites (whoosh!), fan distributes heat, thermostat calls for the heat to shut...
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    Back to the subject of Generators....

    I broke down last year and bought a generator (actually 2!), but I am only bringing this one. 900 watts won't run a space heater, but paired with a 20 amp battery charger, I can get to 85-90% charge back on the battery in a couple of hours. Can run it off of a 1lb propane bottle as well as the...
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    Fuse off battery

    If a fuse at the battery instantly blows, it's probably because the battery is being incorrectly connected. Black = positive White = negative
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    canvas cleaning

    I use Woollite and a soft brush.
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    Suggestions, tips, concerns on my power options?

    I have a Tri Metric TM 2030 battery monitor paired with a SC 2030 charge controller. Very accurate and reliable. Fairly expensive though. A charge controller regulates the voltage and amperage from th panel to the battery, charging the battery in a specific way. Creates a fully charged battery...
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    Suggestions, tips, concerns on my power options?

    This suggests desert and Sierra. With 100 watts of solar, you'd never run out of power in SoCal, unless you're deep in a forest. I run my Niagara with 100 watts of solar, and with the exception of one trip (fridge switched from propane to battery on the first night. Woke up with 35% SOC. Took...
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    Suggestions, tips, concerns on my power options?

    Could work, but slow. Do they have a similar charger in the 10 amp range? Redundant and inefficient. Power pack to charger to battery = inefficient. Plus it would be slow with only a 4 amp charger. You have around 80 amps of useable power (50% SOC on both batteries). AND you have 100 watts of...
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    Coleman Niagara Water Heater Issue

    Is you propane tank full? " we could hear the unit "light" but then it went off" This happened to me, it was a bad propane regulator. Not allowing enough gas for the burner. Does your stove light? Does your furnace run?
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    New Truck New Problems

    99% ground issue.
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    Gas prices

    Up every day for over a month. Alleged "refinery issues" the culprit now.
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    Looking at a PUP that was not used by current owner

    Bring propane. Bring a battery. Then you can check everything, and you won't get a story about the battery being dead as to why it wont work.