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    Sigh.. headed to darkness...

    Its not PUP roomy, but there is more inside area than you might think by looking at it.
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    Sigh.. headed to darkness...

    Vintage Trailer Works, Dothan Alabama, check out their Facebook page, or website.
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    Sigh.. headed to darkness...

    Well, advancing to 60, wanting to tour more and work less we decided to sell the Cobalt and get a off road teardrop. The Cobalt is great for destination camping, but way too much effort for daily set up and tear down. Now we basically have a bedroom and kitchen on wheels. Very simple, but that's...
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    48 hours after the start of the snowstorm. Finished the next 5 days of the hunt
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    Set up boondocking
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    Refletix and gizmos and awning
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    Another NFS Campground
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    The start
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    At NFS campground
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    Crawford State Park

    Located close to the Crawford/Paonia area this is a high desert sage campground. There is zero shade. Bring your own or suffer. The campground has electric and water at each site. The site spacing is generous, as it has to be for reasons I will soon explain. The campground sits beside Crawford...
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    Is this doable?

    No issue. I took kids and wife from western Colorado to Glacier and Calgary with a mini van and a 14 footer. Go for it and enjoy yourselves.
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    Drones? Really?

    Well, spent a hot and miserable week at Crawford State Park, high Colorado sage desert with no shade. But that's not what ground my gears. Twice during the week we had idiots flying DRONES over the campground. One, piloted by a kid came within 3 feet of the trailer. I was fishing at the time and...
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    OMG. What have I gotten myself into?

    Well, sorry to observe, but it looks a mess from the photos. I would suggest that you and your team sit down and take an honest appraisal of your abilities to rebuild from the frame up. Ask yourselves some questions. Are parts available? Can you fabricate what you cannot purchase? Does your team...