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    Ever have a "oh s**t moment?

    had to replace the sides of the roof. Raised the roof, blocked the roof in place and removed the old rotted sides. Took the brand new ones that were purchased from manufacturer (but they couldn't find template so they sent them without drilling holes). Measured and remeasured the sides to...
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    inline water filter storage

    This is both for PUP camping and camping with the BSA. At a recent camping trip with the PUP, I filled the water tank at the water station. I was right after a big rig and they used an inline water filter. They told me they always do and haven't had to replace the anode yet after 5 years...
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    How do you make coffee?

    I add coffee to a percolator or french press, add water and heat. I like a bit of cream and sugar as well. Seriously though; I have an old style percolator that I use (see other pictures) if I am making a pot for everyone to enjoy or going to be at the campsite for a while. I have one of...
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    Do you ever feel like a 2nd class citizen in a PUP?

    I know a couple who tent camp and dehydrate their food before a trip that tell us because we are camping in a PUP that we aren't really camping because of all the conveniences we have. Really? Camping to me is more about the togetherness. We did the tent thing and my son and I tent camp...
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    Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

    Got my 2002 Forest River 725D with heated mattresses, AC, Heat, refer, stove, sink (sink and stove pull outside to use under awning), HW tank, roof rack, spare tire, Thetford cassette potti, and inside as well as outside shower in 2008 for the huge price of $1,000. Yes, you read that correctly...
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    pop up trailer with storage box or not worth the trouble

    I think I am uniquely qualified to answer this one. [8D] I have a 2002 Forest River 725D. It has the front storage and the floor did rot out on the corners. I believe it was due to something hitting it over the winter while in storage but it is hard to tell. Anyway. I wondered about...
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    Hello from northeast, Ohio

    Welcome from Geneva.
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    How Long Does It Take You - Set Up/Take Down

    I guess I am a bit unusual. I do the initial setup; level, stabs, unroll the awning and the slides, electric, put it up and set the door, fill the toilet and water, etc. Then later I will put up tacky lights. Wife does the clean inside while I put the shelves/hanging baskets up for plates...
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    Which elec brake control??

    my [2C] ; Yes, always go with the 7 plug. You can purchase a 7 to 4 adapter pretty cheap at Walmart. I have a cheaper model brake controller and had no problems until I switched it to the...
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    Why am I so nervous????

    Or find a Harbor Freight and get them cheaper.
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    What's your setup for your PUPs outside shower?

    we use ours to wash dishes and the dog. One trip we were very isolated (the only ones camping in the park for the week) and I used it for showering because I could shower and dry off at the fire. Other than that, only dishes and dog. I am curious about modifying it to accept a garden hose...
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    Flagstaff 176ltd Power Lift issue

    Thanks. I am having a problem with my electric winch and was looking for something that would tell me how it works. I get power to the winch, but it isn't moving. We had an illness last year that prevented us from camping at all so the roof has not been raised in 1.5 years. I have...
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    What made you decide to get a PUP?

    Easy. We had been tent camping for the first time with the kids and had a pretty good time. In 2008 my old boss called and told me he was getting a divorce and moving to NC to live on a boat and needed to get rid of his camper. His wife didn't want it and suggested he sell it to me because...
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    So after reading the posts, I have to say that my refer was never that efficient. So what can I do? At best it holds things around 50 degrees. Not sufficient for keeping things cold. We have gone from using it to only partially cool to using it as storage and carrying coolers. So I have...
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    maybe an odd question but i havent seen it on here yet...

    Sunlight is a great thing. I did NOT replace because I also have heated mattresses. I cleaned. To clean, use a combination of 1Part white vinegar, 1Part bleach (or 1/2part if you are worried) and 2 parts water. If doing mattresses, put out on a clean surface (I used my concrete...