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    Full Size SUV vs Truck

    Our TV is a 2017 Expedition, and we love it! It’s also our only vehicle so it does double-duty. We’re both retired so it works very well for us.
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    I wanted to share a quote from Ed Abbey’s wonderful book Desert Solitaire. It is especially appropriate in memory of Tom. Benedicto: May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. May your rivers...
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    I’m sure many of you remember Unstable_Tripod. He was a member here for many years though he hadn’t visited recently. Tom was a fountain of information on all aspects of popups, and was always happy to help when folks had problems or questions. We became friends here on the portal, and I so...
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    2019 So Cal Halloween Rally

    Sorry to say we have to cancel due to a family event we need to attend. So as of now site 30 is available from 10/31-11/4! The person I spoke with told me it won’t last long so if anyone’s interested grab it now! The phone number for reservations is 877-565-3600.
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    2019 SoCal-ish Summer Rally

    Site 42 has been canceled.
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    2019 SoCal-ish Summer Rally

    Does anyone have or know where to find the popupportal CA banner?
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    2019 SoCal-ish Summer Rally

    Last call: I will be cancelling site 42 on Monday, May 27th unless someone wants it and lets me know before then.
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    2019 SoCal-ish Summer Rally

    Would anyone coming to the rally like a spare crank up tool for their pup? We’ve had this one on hand since wesold our pup and have no use for it. All we would ask is that you make a small contribution to PopUpPortal. Thanks!
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    2019 SoCal-ish Summer Rally

    Tom and Kathy - who had reserved site 42 next to us - have to cancel. So if anyone would like to take it here’s the info: Site 42 in the back loop, from 5/30 to 6/3. The total cost is $107.99 for the 4 nites.
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    2019 So Cal Halloween Rally

    We’re in! Site 30, arriving 10/31 and leaving 11/4.
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    Lake Siskyou Rally in September?

    I thought I saw a thread about this rally but cannot find it. Am I looking in the wrong place?
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    2017 So CA Halloween Rally proposal Nov 3-5, 2017

    Sorry we'll miss this one! That Saturday is our graduation from an 8-week CERT (Community Emergency Response Training). We will participate in a simulated emergency situation, complete with "victims" and rescue personnel at the local fire station. We're learning some good stuff for sure!
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    2018 Washington Summer Outing

    We'd sure love to join you next year! How about a campground on the Olympic Penninsula?
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    We did it.

    Congrats! Very nice!
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    2017 SoCal-ish Spring Party/Rally @ El Capitan SB

    Mo, your photos are amazing! Thank you! And I want to compliment you for organizing such a great Rally. Dan and I had so much fun, seeing old friends and meeting new folks as well. Here are a few photos we took. I particularly like the one Dan took of the guys after the girls did their hair!