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    Non A/C air cond.

    looks like a high price swamp cooler, I would think it would put plenty of moisture in the air.
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    Popup Gutter

    I love it!! I was just complaining about the AC drippin on the canvas and having to close it up. Awesome, logical mod!!
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    1985 Starcraft Galaxy 24- to the frame and back....

    Now thats a darn nice birthday gift!!!
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    How do you keep mice out?

    We use the 'Bounce' dryer sheets. i use a large box, and then go snatch whatever DW has left in the laundry room. I put them everywhere!! we leave the cushions in for the winter, and for the dinette cushions i place them fabric-to-fabric with a layer of sheets between them. Also i lay out a full...
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    side board thinckness standards?

    its a '97 Camplite by Damon, anyway, thank much for the response, i was thinking along the same lines for measuring the current sideboard thinckness. As for the curve, i am assuming there is some sort of metal/plastic radial corner bracket under the roof skin, but i know what happens when i...
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    The NU2ME pup is home

    Its very very roomy inside. DW is finally excited to go camping again, now with the room and the AC.
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    side board thinckness standards?

    This is unusual for the portal, to not have any replies, comments or advice.
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    side board thinckness standards?

    After putting down the Camplite after the rains finally gave up for a couple days, i see i am in the market for new sideboards. i know there is topic after topic on the subject, and i have read most of them. But its too much to try and put it all together, so im gonna ask anyway. 1- is there a...
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    1978 rockwood 1006 roof rebuild

    I would say that the height of the roof is not so much the issue when building a roof, but the location of the lift arm attachment point, as well as the channel for the canvas. But then I have never did a roof, but sadly enough i think one is in the future, at least new sideboards anyways.
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    wiring question

    Supposedly the new pup has electric brakes (I havnt looked yet), and it has a battery. However, it has the 4-pin flat connector, wich is fine, as I have that on my TV. But I wonder if it should be a 6-pin to accomadate the electric brakes and the charging function for the battery. TIA!!
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    resealing the outside.

    After going over the NU2ME pup, i was wondering if is good practice to remove all the exterior screw-on components, clean and re-caulk? Is this necassary or just going to far? I worry about if there is rot i dont know about, i may inadvertantly cause more harm than good, in the way of the...
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    AC Not Working

    make sure the converter is switched to the proper setting, and not on 12v.
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    You will want to put it up as soon as you are able. Its ok for it to be open in the rain, assuming it doesnt leak. If it sits too long the canvas will begin to mildew. Its the strong winds that make me nervous. My PUP has been up in this crap all day, and dry as a bone inside.
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    Our 89 Starcraft Nova project

    Thats what I am going to do with the wheels on my Camplite, they are a bit rusty, but its only on the surface. ill just scff it up with a scotchbrite pad and prime and paint. Would really like to find some 'mag' style rims for it but I dont know if there is any in the smaller sizes, and mine are...