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    Paper towel holder

    Our PUP is old and we have a wooden wardrobe. Not sure PUP's still have them but we have our paper towel holder mounted onto that as well as two towel bars for kitchen towels.
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    At home I love my InstantPot, even have two of them. But I'd never take it camping. Way too big (and i have 6 qt size). I don't like stuff just sitting out on my counters in the PUP and no place to store it.
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    We counted all the campers we saw on the road

    A couple weekends ago we headed up to Door County, WI (which is about 2 hours from home) on a Sunday. Counted campers on the way up. We left around noon and had 242 campers of which only 16 were PUP's. We came home on Saturday and counted again. Granted we are packed out pretty early and...
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    Camping alone or in groups?

    We have never camped with a group, just DH & I. We have no desire to travel with others anymore. We have been on non camping trips with friends and never fails we don’t end up with a trip we enjoy. Waiting on late people, trying to compromise on activities, different eating times, etc. I’m sure...
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    Off season “camping is therapy” ideas

    We live in WI so it gets pretty darn cold and snowy here. I agree downhill skiing gets expensive, but cross country isn't too bad. We do that a lot. If you don't have the funds to invest in your own gear it is probably pretty reasonable to rent. I know by us it is. Or just spend your time...
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    Honeymoon Camping

    If you have a decent place to store the checks/cash/gift cards (such as a locking glove box in your TV) you could always bring all your wedding cards and wait and open them on the first night. Or, if first night is too stressful getting setup save for 2nd. Have a bottle of champagne and bring...
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    People walking through your campsite?

    This just happened to us last week. Our site had a paved trail to the bathhouse because the site next to us was disability site so I'm assuming for a possible wheelchair. But it wasn't right near the road for people to easily see, yet they'd come right into our site and use the trail. It was...
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    Wisconsin Dells

    Thanks for the idea! We love the UP, so laid back and everyone is nice. Not too far of a drive. Our first trip out (2 summers ago) we went to Mackinaw City which was 5 hours. Hiawatha is 3.
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    Wisconsin Dells

    We go to Hartman quite a bit for biking but being under an hour from home and my family from Waupaca area we are good with day trips. I'll have to check out Point Beach as you are right nice and close, maybe just a long weekend there. As we could easily head up after work one night. No kids...
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    Wisconsin Dells

    @neighbormike see you are from WI, so are we (near Appleton). Do you have some good recommendations for sites in WI? We like the state parks as the sites are wooded. But not opposed to a private campground as long as it's not just rows of campers in a field. We have also done Peninsula and...
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    Naming the PUP

    Ours is a Starmaster and it's the Star-Lord. I'm going to make a vinyl decal to go under Starmaster to put on it to say Star-Lord.
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    Anyone start with a used popup and upgrade to new?

    Actually I answered initially no way would I replace ours. But we do have plans to build out a Sprinter or Promaster. Looking to purchase in about 5 years then take a year or so to build out the inside. We wouldn't pull the pup with it, it'd have sleeping in it. Haul all our gear where we...
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    Anyone start with a used popup and upgrade to new?

    Well our pup is possibly the oldest on this board still in regular use, a 1979 Starcraft Starmaster. It was DH's parents that he grew up in and we got it from them 3 years ago. When we first got it, I started looking at new pups. I didn't want a hardside as the pup fits nicely in the garage...
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    Wisconsin Dells

    Just got back from a week long trip to Mirror Lake State Park in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Wisconsin Dells is very touristy, much like Gatlinburg area (minus mountains) or the type of area I think Branson would be like. Did almost every tourist attraction you could think of in the Dells, so if...
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    Welcome from Wisconsin. Your first time site with pull through is a great option.