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    Buddy heaters

    I like the extended stay wine racks....:smiley:
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    Buddy heaters

    I have spent many nights in the PUP with the Buddy heater. The Buddy Heater website recommends 9 sq in of ventilation when in operation, which is 3"x3". I usually just cracked my roof vent and that was sufficient to control the condensation and provide air. Also, my PUP was no where near...
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    Remember the POS I bought for 350 bucks?

    For 350.00, you did good. Some of the poles with be bunk end bed braces, some with be bunk end harps to hold the canvas up. Post pics of the poles you have and we can help you from there.
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    Skin on pop up camper roof.

    Dave is correct. Your roof is FRP, or fiberglass reinforced plastic. The reason for your delamination is water infiltration. You must fix the cause first before fixing damage. Short of replacing the plywood under the FRP, I would try to drill holes in the center of the delamination bubble and...
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    Roof question?

    PUP roofs are notorious for sagging in the AC area. I had an '04 Viking that sagged. Best advice I can give you is to coat the entire roof with Henry's Tropi-Cool coating. The coating is impervious to water ponding. I used it on two of my three PUPs and never had an issue with roof leaks.
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    What does this valve do on the water tank?

    I agree, it looks like the bypass valve for winterizing. You would think the mfg would have placed the valve inside somewhere near the water pump?
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    Now I've Done It!

    You won't be the first or last to do something you'll later regret. I have a PhD in boneheaded moves. Anyhow, there are some great YouTube videos on replacing the Goshen type lift system you have on your PUP. From what I gathered watching the videos, it a greasey mess more than it is complicated...
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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Back when we had our fifth wheel on a seasonal site, I knew a gentleman who lived in Florida and would "summer" up in the same campground as us. He had a Hi-Lo which I found interesting. It had the lower profile when being towed yet offered hardsides when popped up. He like the unit and never...
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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    We're getting defensive? How about maybe you overreacted? You just don't seem to get it and you regurgitate basically the same comments as your original post. Where is the "nothing constructive to say about pop ups?" Where is the negativity? Again, you embellish the truth to reinforce a non...
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    Propane relocate

    I used a Mr. Buddy heater during the day to keep the PUP warm. I opened the roof vent a bit and that helped keep the condensation in check. Buddy heaters sip propane. Use the built in furnace for nighttime heating and you should be fine. Plus Buddy heaters do not draw down your batteries.
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    AI "Enhanced" Pop-Up Pictures

    Wow, very creative. I like it..!!
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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Can you provide an example of where someone said that "pop up campers suck", and "I hate them?" I believe this is more embellishment that fact, but I could be wrong......
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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    I think in all fairness, the pros and cons of PUP ownership should be allowed on this forum so that people can make informed choices. Pointing out that some folks, myself included, have posted comments contrary to claims made on here to me is unnecessary. Listing all the wonderful positive...
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    Leaning despite being level

    I had a 2004 Viking 2107 with a roof AC that use to lean towards the door side with the awning out. I cut 1x2s to insert on the door side next to the tubes that raise the roof to level it. An AC unit on the roof can cause some lean as well.

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