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    Electric lift issues

    Upper limit switch.
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    Hot water heater not working

    Post picture of the water lines going to the tanks. Is there a bypass position?
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    Hot water heater not working

    Looks like the switch is in the off position to me.
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    For those who have replaced motorized winch with manual

    You might be right. Looks like an add on.
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    For those who have replaced motorized winch with manual

    I may be wrong but all the electric winches I owned have a manual operation option. Just disconnect the wires and run it by hand or electric drill.
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    Everything reeks of dryer sheets

    Had a similar problem. Had a coffee box with cups, instant coffee and coffee mate container. All set and ready to go. For whatever reason wife put a citronella candle in the box. Threw the whole thing away. Smell made me sick.
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    2018 Nissan Frontier

    Ask etrailerdave he is the only one to take advice from. The other xspurts here don't have a clue.
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    Generator Purchase

    You just opened a can of worms.
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    Remember when these were cheap??

    It is part of the phony gas crisis.
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    4 point vehicle plug to 7 point trailer plug

    Yep you are right it won't operate the brakes. Bet it doesn't have the tow package either.
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    1157 LED Brake/Turn Bulbs
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    Can I remove switch plate from Carefree of Colorado Model P55000

    Removing the plate would expose everything to the elements. Find out why the plate is moving and fix that.
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    Member/ observer

    We had the same camper pulled by a 2008 Escape. Same vehicle, pulling in lower end of the mountains here was a white knuckle experience. Front wheel drive doesn't get much traction up steep hills with a trailer on the back. There is a reason it does not have a tow package. It is the tail wagging...
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    Covid camping inside garage

    Never heard of using a chain saw to cut grass.😁