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    How to Us a Smoker with a side Firebox?

    google "smoker minion method" for the best way to use a smoker. Basically start a small amount appx 1/4 of the charcoal chimney and place in on top of a pile of unlit coals. Use the dampers to catch/control the temperatures.
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    If we have electric, we use the Keurig mini. Boondocking, we use the coleman coffee pot that heats on the stove. Both work great...
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    What do you cook in your dutch oven?

    If you can cook it in your oven at home, then you can cook it in a dutch oven (minus size ie full turkey ect). That's why I shy away from DO cookbooks. I simply convert the recipes for home use, as to me, baking at 350 is the same regardless of whether you are at home or at camp. Some...
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    Blue Rock State Park Ohio - Any feedback

    Live very close to there - Not bad, pretty sure there is no electric hookups. Also, they have drained the lake to perform dam repairs, so if fishing is important, you may want to look elsewhere.
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    Setup in the rain tips?

    Main thing is to get the 2 corners of each bed covered as quickly as possible. When we set up in the rain, as I go inside and put the shepherd's hooks in (wife is short), she goes to each corner and folds the canvas over the beds.
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    Camp chef grill question

    You can buy an adapter from Camp Chef that allows you to hook up to the quick connect on your camper.
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    Do you have a savory DO meal that's simple?

    You need coals on top. I bake it at 350* using a charcoal briquette cooking chart.
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    Do you have a savory DO meal that's simple?

    Take a pork loin, add finely chopped carrots and onions, add a can of beer, season with S&P and cook until its done. then take the juices, bring to a boil and serve over the loin.
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    replacing drain hose

    I had the same problem. Dealt with a slow leak for a year, then decided to replace it this year. I used plumbers tape to wrap the barbed end. Then I used 2 hose clamps on each end - making sure I tightened the closest one to the open end of the pipe first. Used a ratchet instead of a...
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    First time camping.. Water pump/water heater on vs off ?

    Boondocking - water pump only on when in use Electric - Always on (except at night)
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    Fam of 6 takes too much stuff camping. Help us please!

    Every year I gut the camper and take everything out and store the stuff in the basement. My winter project is to go through each item and determine how much it was used. If it's never used or used rarely, I take it out. Another tip for meals is to make your meal list by listing every...
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    Rockwood 232xr ...the myth....the legend

    I have the 232XR, and yes it is the perfect camper. Bought mine new at Specialty RV in Lancaster, OH. Haven't checked recently, but they seem to consistently carry this pup. Maybe worth a call?
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    New to DO Cooking

    I carry 3, a 10", 12", and a 12" deep. Don't take the deep one camping unless I know its going to be used. 12" is great for cakes and such.
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    Power lift systems

    Mine has worked perfectly, so I would recommend it.
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    Conclusive List of Models w/ Front Deck?

    Forest River Rockwood models 232XRT, 242XRT, 282XRT. 242 has no slide and a large front deck (84"x96") 232 has a slide and a smaller front deck (48"x84") 282 has a slide and a large front deck (84x105" dual axle)