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    NOT ACTIVE, Gone now forever - inactive indefinitely

    NOT ACTIVE, Gone now forever - inactive indefinitely
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    Gone now forever - inactive indefinitely

    Gone now forever - inactive indefinitely
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    On the road - setting PUP at a rest area?

    At a lot of the busier ones the "long parking lanes" should be reserved for the Truckers, as I much rather would like them better rested if I am going to share the road with them.
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    Surprisingly expensive toll roads/bridges/crossings...especially in NY!

    Some states will funnel toll revenue to other great society projects and not just to the highways they are supposed to maintain.
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    What Time Do You Leave?

    I like to pack up as soon as possible after breakfast then leave at a leisurely pace, usually dictated by how long it takes to get home. Usually around lunch or so.
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    Ever lost your camping reservation?

    I lost a reservation for a spring campout at Inks (a park that is increasingly harder to reserve your preferred site here in Texas). Due to flooding, the park remained closed for a while and then when it was opened back up, it was booked out to December for the section we wanted because the...
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    A Decision to Make...

    I second looking for a handyman/contractor. One that is reputable and willing to take the work in your area; however, you can still probably bet on paying at least half to 75% of the RV shop, but you should be able to save some. Question is: would a willing small-time contractor be willing to...
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    Forest River A213HW

    Hmmmm, mine came with a spring mattress and not foam for the beds. I put a 2" gel foam topper, more just to help sleep cooler. You would have to check by crawling in when closed but you should have the vertical clearance to place a factory mattress in there if you want. The mattress size should...
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    Recommendations on Camping with Dogs

    I am not really big on dogs, but I do not mind leashed and quiet dogs close to me especially at the hand of courteous owners. What I do mind more than a errant and friendly dog, are kids that parents let run through other peoples sites and cause problems to, then act like you are the one with a...
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    Forest River A213HW

    Dinettes turn into another bed, which in most cases these A-frames desperately need. If you soften the foam it will absolutely stink when laid out into a bed. An option if you want the dinette to remain convertible is to have custom backs made by an upholstery shop, or roll the dice shopping on...
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    Curious about your tow speed

    65-70mph and maybe bit more to pass a semi if the conditions seem ok.
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    So how important is air conditioning?

    Here the summer shortens the camp season much as the winter shortens the season up north. AC= Texas what Furnace = Minnesota.
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    So how important is air conditioning?

    In Texas, it extends the Camping season into the summer a bit. It is not a matter of being too hot during the day to enjoy camping activities as it is being able to sleep at night. As early as mid June you can be looking at overnight lows in the upper 70s, low 80s with 60-70% humidity and very...
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    To sticker or not to sticker?!

    I am sorry, at this time I do not and the camper is stored currently -- but the multi colored map in combination with 1/2" or 1" silver foil star stickers can look as imagined. For the smaller states like Rhode Island and...
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    To sticker or not to sticker?!

    We get a state on our map for driving through it and a silver star over the center of the state if we camp in it. I second enhancing the adhesion with 3M or other. Silver or gold foil stickers don't tend to fade under UV, and get them large enough to see.