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    Rebuilt Coleman Colorado

    Considering you asking how hard it would be, leads me to consider you probably lack the tools and experience making some of the hard parts. Top of the list would be bow assemblies, bed slide, and specific bracketry. Sure it could be done but that guy probably wouldn't be wondering.. If you...
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    Rebuilt Coleman Colorado

    This is my Colorado that I sold last year, the owner has some health issues and won't be able to use it for trips she had planned. I journaled this campers rebuild here on this forum. Prior to her picking it up I...
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    Denali State Park

    What I'd give so have spent time in Alaska.. always wanted to but never could pull it together. Your living well..
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    It's been years since I visited the Smokies, from what I remember it's always been heavy visited in summer months. My family is looking at a trip there next spring.
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    30 Days Western U.S.

    Sounds like your in for an epic trip! Safe travels and have a blast!
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    Coleman Colorado Road Cover

    Nice modification! Those original clips are a pita, especially with cold fingers.
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    Yellowstone closed !

    From what I understand the road was washed away at Soda Butte in Lamar Valley. IIRC that is just east of the employee lodging area.
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    Yellowstone closed !

    Terrible video but it shows the house my family rented for 11 days last month.. it does not look good.
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    Spring in Yellowstone

    They closed down Yellowstone to visitors, flooding, rock slides. Imagine it will be a few days till they assess the roads and bridges within the park. The house my family rented for 11 days a month ago is taking water north of the park. Tom Minor bridge was washed away. Looks like quite a...
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    Coleman Colorado Canvas Replacement

    My 88 had a plate that screwed onto the crossmember.. either front or rear. I reversed it when I reinstalled.
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    Planning X-Country Trip 2022

    I paid $5.50 per gallon in Arizona on Indian land, highest on my trip. Most were 4.50ish elsewhere with Texas just under $4. I believe I topped 7k miles but will have to check. I knew going into this fuel costs were going to be high but I was prepared. Can't take it with ya Steve, enjoy the...
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    Spring in Yellowstone

    Lol.. it was 22*F the Saturday prior to last as we left Yellowstone. It was a fantastic 11 days however!
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    Leonard Harrison SP - PA Grand Canyon - Trout - Any general advice?

    It's a Coleman Colorado I rebuilt, and sold last winter. Thread 'Overland's 88 Coleman Colorado'
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    SW Montana

    @gladecreekwy seriously?
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    SW Montana

    Running White Rim in Canyonlands is a bucket list item for me. Arches. Canyonlands, Powell, Valley of the God's, and Monument Valley. The swinging steak in Mexican Hat was another bucket list item, but it closed last year. Son and I are considering scrubbing Colorado on the return trip and...