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    Where did those keys go?

    ....or place your wallet on the roof of your car....
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    Emergency Tire Pump

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    It was hot!

    I have mushrooms growing on my lawn from the amount of rain and cool weather we have had.
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    Hitch on back of PUP

    I am going to say yes just because of all the negativity in our responses. P.s. don't use it.
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    We got the World Cup
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    Propane furnace not staying lit

    On my furnace I knew the outside air intake vent was blocked when I was on the inside furnace vent cover and while starting the furnace, it seemed like an a lot of air was being sucked into the furnace vent from the inside. This seemed, "odd", since the air should be going into the trailer from...
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    Propane furnace not staying lit

    Is the furnace air intake from the outside clear? Fire needs air.
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    How much grease in the wiffle tree via the zirks

    It will squirt out. I have emptied a tube doing both.
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    At what level of high wind warning do you collapse your a frame?

    The camper can handle a suprising large amount of wind. The awning can handle a fart...maybe.
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    She wins!

    I like to see someone beat this diy. Clever Camping Kitchen in a Suitcase
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    Cool collapsible clothesline

    We should have a new section in this forum titled, "How to Save $$$" so that we can all go camping despite the cost of gas, food, etc...
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    New information to an old problem

    I know I have posted this before but I have new info that may allow "listeners" to help determine that cause(s) and fixes(s). My right trailer brake on pup only hums when connected to tv power and brakes activated from the van. However, when it is directly connected to a 12v battery (to wires...
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    Remember when these were cheap??

    $150 with lid...Canadian. In American funds it's almost free. Can run off LP with adapter for additional $20.
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    Remember when these were cheap??

    ...or buy a bbq that runs off your LP.
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    How test brakes without TV?

    Ok...what if I run a wire directly to brakes from a 12v ?