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    yes, it is hot

    sounds delightful! wish we were there! Of course, a lot of people come here in the winter. have to travel to get the best of both worlds, I guess.
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    yes, it is hot

    They remembered that event! The nice man who used to manage is not there, and other's manage it now. They are very nice too.
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    yes, it is hot

    maybe they should close the forests before the weekend of the 4th!
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    yes, it is hot

    Here in Southern NM, it's been pretty bad. we've been trying to get away, and even the woods are hot. Last week, we went up to Camp Thunderbird in the Mimbres. They have hook ups and we could use the AC in the afternoons. Since Covid, they are open for individual RVs to park with hook ups...
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    After 10 Years.....

    I've been watching those trailers. I think they look great! I want gas appliances, and they are very hard to find or one might be my 3rd camper in the driveway!
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    Sometimes it just the little things ..... why

    this is a big concern right now. It's been a truth for quite a while, but now! With the pandemic, everyone wants a camper. they can't keep up with the demand and QC is just gone. Hang on. when everyone figures out they really don't like camping, there will be a lot of campers for sale. also...
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    Question for fellow somewhat (or full blown ;o) OCD campers.

    You have just described me. If I’m not camping I’m shopping for something for one of our campers or brainstorming an “improvement “ if we’re camping, most of the time I am busy cooking or enjoying an out door activity. But before long I start seeing some thing that gets me thinking. Now we...
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    Back To Basics?... Camping or Glamping?

    Regardless of a persons method of camping, I think the true question might be where and how. We camped in a Pop up for many years with our 3 kids and one or two of their friends. When I was a kid, we tent camped only and often. Now we are retired, aging and have 2 trailers. A little jayco Baja...
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    Back To Basics?... Camping or Glamping?

    After a lot of years of camping, a lot of ways, this is a question I’ve often asked myself. Can you truly go camping in a travel trailer. Maybe the question is “are you camping if you are in your camper with the tv, generator and ac running?” I’d say no, but someone else would say they were...
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    Chiricahua National Monument campground

    The Chiricahua mountains are one of our favorite places to camp. We camp on the east side, entering through Portal. Stewart, and sunny flats being our favorites. Although we almost got flooded out of Stewart, and can see snowstorms late fall or early spring. The Chiricahuas are definitely...
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    Coffee Maker help

    we don't usually camp with hook ups, so even though I love coffee, I do have to wait for the water to boil on the stove. then it's either a aero press with ground coffee I bring along, or a MyJoe K cup press. I am the only coffee drinker so one cup at a time is easy. Also bring along a...
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    Towing mirrors

    we lost several styles of mirrors. CIPA 11980 have been great for us. We have used them on both our 05 4runner and our 04 F150. have them on both mirrors.
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    Can I pull a 2700Lb Hybrid TT with a Minivan?

    I have not read all the answers you have received, and am probably saying what has been said. I see you are now considering a pop up, which is very smart! we disregarded the frontal area limits and towed a small 13' 2000# trailer with our 2016 dodge grand caravan rated to tow 3700#. The wind...
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    CANNOT WAIT for 2021 Camping Season. Who's with me?

    I’m anxious to get out too! We usually go camping almost all year. But a lot of our favorite lower elevation destination campgrounds are closed because of COVID, and the places that are available are pretty crowded. There are still a lot of snowbirds in the sunbelt. Pop ups and TTs each have...
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    How not to start your first camping trip/experience

    All I could think of, between rolling my eyes, was “I will never rent out my camper”