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    Are the interlocking foam like the floor tiles that you can get at harbor freight? How thick are they?
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    What exactly does the battery do and how do I keep it charged

    First thing you should do is get your battery tested. If the battery is dead and you install a new one and everything works then the problem is solved. You should Google proper 12v battery storage and probably use a battery tender. Also, if the lift is struggling, your lift system may need a...
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    Free grizzly grip (time sensitive)

    The grizzly grip has been claimed and shipped.
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    Free grizzly grip (time sensitive)

    I redid my pop up top with Grizzly grip. I ended up with a lot more than I needed and the stuff is only good for 30 days. So if you have a project in mind that can use it and you will pick up in portland Oregon or pay the shipping, I will send you the remainder. It's about 7 quarts. Message me...
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    12V Battery Power Problems

    Find where the batt neg wire goes to frame and check it makes good contact. ^^^^^
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    Water Heater - wasn't winterized

    Previous owner of my pup never winterized anything and the only thing that was damaged was the fresh water pump. Granted I'm in Portland, Oregon so winters are mild. But the guy owned the trailer for 10 years and we do get freezing weather at some point most years.
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    How much braking authority?

    The breaking power of your trailer will depend on it's weight/tire pressure and the size of your tow vehicle. It makes sense that different trailers will effect your tow vehicle differently.
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    Can someone help with these questions?

    The fridge pilot light is the full sized flame and it takes 6-24 to fully cool the fridge box, so you might try that one again. Not sure on the water tank.
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    Do surge brakes replace a brake controller

    I am pretty sure surge brakes are hydraulic and not electric, so no controller is needed. The braking comes from a cylinder between the trailer and slowing car.
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    Trailer amperage

    It sounds like the light fixture may be faulty. It would be a good idea to notify whoever you borrowed the trailer from.
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    Trailer amperage

    Gfci popping indicates a ground fault which is usually a short. Battery presence should not cause it to pop. Is it popping immediately or after running a certain appliance?
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    Charging 1999 Coleman Nevada Battery

    You can check the voltage with a multi meter. If it's below 10.5 it may be completely dead. You can also try charging it with a battery tender which youll want to have if youre using the battery.
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    Always pack the checkbook

    I keep 40$ in my trailer for firewood and other campsite goodies because I often have no cash with me.
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    Really happy with the solar purchase I made

    Since the price is not listed on amazon, can you say how much you paid for the setup?
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    Water pump on all of the time or as needed? (boondocking)

    Last weekend we camped in the trailer without hookups for the first time. We filled up the water tank for fresh water. My question is, when camping without a pressurized water supply, are you supposed to turn the water pump on and off as needed or turn it on and leave it on even when you...