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Dec 22, 2002
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Administrator, Male, 58, from Malvern, PA

Yup, thanks. It's been deleted. Mar 25, 2017

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Apr 4, 2020 at 4:40 PM
    1. Nicole Marklew
      Nicole Marklew
      Looking for any information on a 1996 Bonair Tent Trailer. Specifically for the lift system. We bought it last summer and have no idea where to lube the lift system as far as maintenance goes. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
    2. Heidi Burns
      Heidi Burns
      I need to sell my 2010 Jayco popup, model 1206. Can I post it on this site? I live in AZ and trying to figure out the best way to place it for sale.
    3. WrkrBee
      The "Acronym" thread is 3 pages deep. Looking for options to break list up and still have the "Acronyms" be the first couple of post, not buried 3 or 4 pages deep

      I could use the current thread and add the separated list post. Could you then remove the 50 plus post before the new list post?

      I could make make a new tread and make the first 4 post the acronym pages

      Other options to play within Portal limits?
    4. Joe27
      Hi I am Joe from Alligator Point, Florida. I tow a 2016 Aliner camper scout with a 2016 GMC Terrain. My Aliner leaks while towing in the rain and I saw a post and I want to follow it. Thanks
    5. J. Schneider
      J. Schneider
      Trying to get a copy of a manual for a Flagstaff 1994 (or thereabouts) popup camper. I think there are some on here but I see other people have troubles downloading them. Can you help me, please? REALLY need a manual badly. Thanks in advance!
    6. baddingos
      I got a 2003 Coleman /Fleetwood with the factory roof rail system . I want to get roof racks Thule or Yakima but I found out that this is not universal. What size landing pads do I need.
    7. lonestarcamper
      Hi Steve. I am trying to organize a rally here in SE Texas and do it properly. I see instructions, but don’t know where to go with the name, date, location, members, description, etc info first. Do I send to you or just post on new Rally forum?
      I did one last year but I just posted the rally without going thru proper channels.
      Thanks in advance,
      1. PopUpSteve
        That's fine, just do it like last year. When we upgraded the software a few years back we lost all the custom stuff I had done to manage the rallies. Then I got sick for a year & 1/2 and never got around to creating a new management system. I do need to update the instruction. Thanks
        Jun 26, 2019
        lonestarcamper likes this.
    8. 1REDBEARD
      Hey steve, I'm new here and i see one of my post was deleted because of a double post. Can you not post something video wise and multiple spots or is it all linked together ? I'm new on here and to forums in general. Not really sure how it all works. Thank you...
      1. PopUpSteve
        yup, no need to post the same thing in different areas of the site. I will be seen. Thanks for asking.
        Jun 11, 2019
    9. KLiz
      I just reported my post because I posted it in the wrong forum. I wasn't sure if there was a better way to get it deleted. Thanks!
    10. freewheeling
      Hi Steve, I think that my password has been compromised. I saw a reply to a post that I did not make and my password is not working. How do I go about fixing this?

      Thanks, freewheeling
      1. PopUpSteve
        I can delete your account an you can register again.
        Apr 20, 2019
    11. 3fan
      Hi Steve, I've known about this forum.. but not been on for quite a while. I was just wondering, were you involved with the original PopUpTimes forum? Its so funny how I think back to those days with such great memory. I was much younger and was starting my "camping career". :-)

      3fan (James)
      1. PopUpSteve
        Nope, wasn't involved in the PUT Forum. Yup, soon will be coming up on the 20 year mark with PUP. Where does the time go? ;-)
        Apr 19, 2019
    12. Signguy707
      hi steve, can you change my screen name to Signguy707
      1. PopUpSteve
        Your username has been changed to Signguy707
        Apr 5, 2019
        Signguy707 likes this.
    13. Simonswalker
      Hi Steve. How do I change my screen name to Simonswalker?
      1. PopUpSteve
        Apr 3, 2019
        Simonswalker likes this.
    14. Felicia Swahn
      Felicia Swahn
      I have a 1990 coleman columbia popup. The back pulley on the left side has stuck but the cable is still moving around it. What I want to know, is if we replace the pulley do we have to replace the cable????
      My husband has found the pulley but we want to make sure we have everything before we start this project.
      1. PopUpSteve
        Dec 30, 2018
    15. speckhunter80
      You have a spammer that has hit multiple forums
      1. PopUpSteve
        Thanks. I did see that and Banned the user and Deleted the posts.
        Dec 30, 2018
    16. Katskamper
      is there a way to save ONE post out of a long thread? RoyBrady to rescue again. i need to save his answer. screenshots get messy.
    17. TurfDude
      Hi Steve- 1ST time user here. How come I can’t see any pictures?
    18. Hankster
      HI Steve, could you please delete the threads that I started ""goodbye to the forum" in "introduce yourself" and the other one "what size space heater..." in "generators, etc"... My question was simple but the bullies came flying out of nowhere and I just don't want to have to take the nastiness anymore! thanks SO much in advance...
    19. phoodieman
      Steve, did you get my rally request for Texas Puppers September Rally?

    20. PMEDIC9
      Steve, I have a question for you but want to PM you. Where can I send it. Thanks Brian
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    Jan 10, 1962 (Age: 58)
    Home Page:
    Malvern, PA
    Camp Director


    Camp Director

    [PUT] 2014 Honda Ridgeline (Bailey)
    [PU] 2015 Somerset Evolution E2 (ESCPOD2 - Escape Pod 2)

    Some Times It Takes A Community To Raise A Camper !
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