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Administrator, Male, 59, from Malvern, PA

Yup, thanks. It's been deleted. Mar 25, 2017

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    1. jus kitty
      jus kitty
      hi steve! this kitty new bie here I apologise for posting in wrong location i didnt know ! Honest! where dod you move me too Sir?: im still getting familiar with all these Good forums! thank you!
      1. PopUpSteve
        Sep 12, 2021
        jus kitty likes this.
      2. jus kitty
        jus kitty
        oh ok,,, .im still learnin'..LOL thank you much!
        Sep 12, 2021
    2. Ricky Harmon
      Ricky Harmon
      Hello Steve, I'm looking for a manual for a 1995 palomino filly manual. First time owner and having trouble finding one. Thank you
    3. Sweetpea
      Hi I'm Susan Premo, and I forgot my password, I bought a new phone and that was that, now I'm sweetpea, is there any way you could put them into one? I suppose it doesn't matter which, but I should probably choose one, Susan Premo is what most folks know me by. So if you can do that, it would be great. Thanks.
    4. PopUp Dreamer
      PopUp Dreamer
      Steve I would like to cancel my membership. We sold our PUP in October and won't be buying another with our health issues. I searched the website to see how to cancel but I couldn't find it. Thanks.
    5. Christopher Haggerty
      Christopher Haggerty
      Hi Steve, new member here. I'd like to change my user name to something less formal. Can't figure out how to easily do it. Please advise.
    6. stierheim
      Hi Steve - I accidentally clicked the "Unsubscribe" link in the newsletter mail with the Highlighted Posts. It did not ask for confirmation, it just unsubscribed me. I want to continue to receive these and I don't see a way to fix that in my profile anywhere. How do I get that fixed? Thank you.
    7. Susan Premo
      Susan Premo
      Hi, I just wonder how to start a conversation, new to this forum. Thanks
      1. PopUpSteve
        Dec 14, 2020
    8. WrkrBee
      Steve, seems like the "Conversation" is not working. Been trying for a week. I no longer have an post "Edit" button for updating the acronym list. Sixth request.
    9. LaneG
      I just added a post about some work I've done on my pop up, but put it in the wrong forum section, the floor and roof one. It should be in the miscellaneous one. Could you move it please?
      1. PopUpSteve
        It's moved
        Sep 13, 2020
    10. clive lewis
      clive lewis
      Steve, I am sending a lady your way that has an original 1990 Palomino hard side manual.
      I hope you don't mind that I let her know you collect manuals
    11. Daddy2chad
      I am considering purchase of a 2009 Coleman Pop Up, but understand they have gone out of business around that time. Do you think there will be replacement parts for the 2009 Coleman's or should I forgo this unit and look for a different brand of pop up. The Coleman that I am looking at is in very good condition now, but I am thinking about the future. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

      Thank you,
      1. PopUpSteve
        Should not be an issue to find parts.

        Best to post your questions on the open forum so the complete membership has access and can help.
        Aug 20, 2020
    12. Steveo4090
      Sorry I posed that pup ad in general forums. Didn't know if it should go in classifieds or not since I wasn't selling it, but it would have made sense to post it there originally.
    13. lynnmarie0123
      Id like to see about removing or just deleting the year of my birth- not too keen on people knowing my age- thank you
    14. Turboman
      Any chance I could have my thread relocated to the restoration section? I don’t want to clog up the roof/floor repair since my projects evolved Into a restoration
      1. PopUpSteve
        Send me a link to the thread
        Jun 12, 2020
      2. Turboman
    15. Chris yoakum
      Chris yoakum
      What kind of roof is on 2003 Coleman destiny popup camper
    16. Marioleos01
      looking for some information on solar showers and outdoor shower coverings.
    17. Nicole Marklew
      Nicole Marklew
      Looking for any information on a 1996 Bonair Tent Trailer. Specifically for the lift system. We bought it last summer and have no idea where to lube the lift system as far as maintenance goes. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
    18. Heidi Burns
      Heidi Burns
      I need to sell my 2010 Jayco popup, model 1206. Can I post it on this site? I live in AZ and trying to figure out the best way to place it for sale.
    19. WrkrBee
      The "Acronym" thread is 3 pages deep. Looking for options to break list up and still have the "Acronyms" be the first couple of post, not buried 3 or 4 pages deep

      I could use the current thread and add the separated list post. Could you then remove the 50 plus post before the new list post?

      I could make make a new tread and make the first 4 post the acronym pages

      Other options to play within Portal limits?
    20. Joe27
      Hi I am Joe from Alligator Point, Florida. I tow a 2016 Aliner camper scout with a 2016 GMC Terrain. My Aliner leaks while towing in the rain and I saw a post and I want to follow it. Thanks
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    Jan 10, 1962 (Age: 59)
    Home Page:
    Malvern, PA
    Camp Director


    Camp Director (CPL CPT)

    [PUT] 2014 Honda Ridgeline (Bailey)
    [PU] 2015 Somerset Evolution E2 (ESCPOD2 - Escape Pod 2)

    Sometimes the road less traveled, is less traveled for a reason.
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