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    You can upgrade/donate at any time.
  2. P Supporting Member Fundraiser, Ad Free

    PUP Members, We are launching an annual fundraiser in the form of an annual supporting membership. Show that you support and enjoy an advertising free experience at once! To donate and upgrade go here We now have 4 supporting...
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    Can't Browse PUP on Saturdays Anymore??

    This is Rob and I handle the advertising here and tech here. Sorry you are seeing these issues. I am seeing them too and its been pretty much all I have been working on to fix. The problem is with the third party advertisers. Third party advertisers make this site free to use. They pay the...
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    Update Your Birthday!

    When we moved forum software, the birthday data did not transfer over properly So all birthdays have been wiped out. Ifyou go to the personal details section of your profile, you can now edit your birthday once.
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    Test Edit Thread

    testing gallery
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    TapaTalk photo test

  7. testing photo

    testing photo

  8. testing photo

    testing photo

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