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    My tow rig...

    I'm guessing the second has a much lower cg and stopping distance [A]
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    What's been your biggest camping issue to-date? (equip, breakdown, etc.)

    bent rim and axle near Yellowstone (RockSprings gas station), flats every 750 miles home! No lug wrench, waited ~1hr for AutoZone to open, changed tire, bought new rim/tire @tire store next to AutoZone. Burned out coil on back roads east of Ft Collins, CO headed to Lake Chambers Lake area...
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    Do you leave battery disconnected when camper is not in use?

    No. Yes. follow the battery makers guide to maintenance.
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    AC Fan Seems Weaker After Running a While

    I'm guessing your frame is bent [:O)] Glad you figured it out.
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    Propane Regulator, Trailer or Tank Mount

    Fixed tanks are not cylinders and the regulator can connect directly. FWIW, my ole P U had the POL and regulator connected directly to the cylinder. I replaced the POL with an ACME big threaded nut for ease (the POL is left hand threaded). My mod worked fine.
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    Roof doesn’t meet door frame

    congratulation on having your trailer weighed. I would not worry about lean, you of course could adjust the roof if off. I always tightened up the shepard poles to help keep the roof from swaying around.
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    Propane Regulator, Trailer or Tank Mount

    NFPA 1192 Standard on Recreational Vehicles 2005 Edition search or scroll down to " Low-pressure propane connections shall be in accordance with through" (A) The connection between a regulator fixed in place and the propane supply system shall be made with a...
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    The fuse on the converter keeps blowing

    the light gets power from the converter. it does not idicate the battery fuse is an issue.
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    The fuse on the converter keeps blowing

    Suggest you take the battery to an auto parts store that test them or use a voltmeter to test the battery along with visual inspection like how must liquid is in each cell.
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    What’s the best pop up camper made from 2000 - 2010?

    '96 Coachmen Sport 086 of course!
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    What’s the best pop up camper made from 2000 - 2010?

    My homework yielded a different result! Hope you enjoy your P U aa much as I did mine.
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    Question about my 1999 Viking 2467!

    my ole coachmen was wired like this, fused @ the battery + (blue), spliced (yellow) into the existing 'charge line' from the trailer tongue. The battery neg was connected to a clamp under the trailer with other 12v neg white wires
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    Pop up lights dont work on ac shore power

    seems your fuses are ok! I'd make sure the converter is making DC 12v with a volt meter set to DC.
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    Dimensions and model number of 1.5 ft.³ fridge needed

    this may help find the old model number the 2150 seems short enough!
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    Tacoma Towing Question

    Toyota is good about loading info in their manuals, they even have graphics [A]