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    Just made my Yellowstone reservations

    I live in Cheyenne and make it to the Tetons/Yellowstone at least once a year (photography and camping). Bring a decent camera (not your cell phone). You will not always be able to get close enough (safely) for decent shots. Don't forget the Tetons (North of Jackson and South of Yellowstone)...
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    I'm TICKED and need 2 VENT

    Try camping in Wyoming! Everyone from Colorado and Nebraska come here to camp. Lucky for me I know some hidden gems in the Rocky Mountains, that they don't know about and/or can't get to...[:D]
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    Favorite kinds of photos to take when camping

    But you won't get the clear shots that you normally get with a Canon...LOL! [:D]
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    First time camping with out shore power.

    I love the Tetons and Yellowstone. It's hard to take a bad picture in that area.[:D] Great pictures by the way...
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    Frame bent after tire failure

    My wife had a B210 Datsun in this ugly brown/tan color. Gutless wonder. On a trip to CA, it took us 30 minutes to get around a Winnebago, only to have it pass us going up a mountain.
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    Costco Vise

    That's because his is classier...LOL!
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    In your household, who is the main decision maker for the pop-up?

    Let's be realistic, let's rephrase the question, who's the decision maker period? The Boss, alias the wife...[:D] The "Boss" ain't happy, nobody's happy.
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    Bike rakes on Popup

    Thanks. I've seen numerous pictures of them mounting them on the roof of the PUP. But I do like your idea.
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    Bike rakes on Popup

    How did everyone mount your bike rakes on your pop ups? Thanks in advance...
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    Silly Fun question!

    Wasn't camping, but this did remind me of a story. Was just walking out of our briefing (Law Enforcement) and set my laptop on top of the car. Got a hot call, and you know it, jumped into the car and took off, only to see my laptop doing cartwheels behind me in my rear view mirror. Luckily for...
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    Not as Lean, Not as Mean, but still a Marine.

    Not as Lean, Not as Mean, but still a Marine.
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    Hello from Cheyenne Wyoming

    What part of NC? Was stationed at Cherry Point (New Bern). Loved how green it was, especially driving around the tobacco fields.
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    Hello from Cheyenne Wyoming

    Unfortunately CFD is cancelled this year. First time in it's 124 year history.
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    Hello from Cheyenne Wyoming

    Lucky you. I love the Tetons! Impossible to take bad pictures up there.
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    Hello from Cheyenne Wyoming

    Been "RVing" for some time. This is our 3rd popup. Anyone here from Wyoming?