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    7pin charging everything?

    Yes use propane instead of 12 VDC power
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    2008 Fleetwood Niagra Brake light issue

    The first thing to do is take a pair of battery jumper cables. Take one of the clamps and attach it to a good clean metal spot on the TV chassis and the other end of the same jumper cable to a good clean spot on the trailer frame. The trail,marker,stop and turns are all powered by the tv and...
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    7pin charging everything?

    Fridge is a power hog so that's out go the question. The furnace yes if you use it sparingly. turn it on before bed, shut off during the night, on before you get up.
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    7pin charging everything?

    Some simple facts. ......... the outlets in your camper only work when plugged into "shore power". (which just like a big extension cord). The 7 pin connection "can" supply ......... only 12 VDC (battery power) because that's all your car has. And to add many cars/trucks only supply 12...
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    Newbie to Popup world

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    No Factory Battery Setup?

    If you want to charge your battery when plugged into shore power ......... Just use a battery charger, plug it into the post outlet or camper outlet. It's not rocket science.
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    Propane Fire Pit Connected to Camper?

    You tee off the tank .......before the regulator .......... the fire pit has its own regulator. Just to add. stoves with their own regulator seen to work also.
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    1640LTD/176LTD Vent - Convert to fan?

    Just tap power from a nearby dome light
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    Drive crank broke

    Take the whiffle tree cover off and carefully turn the whiffle tree with a pair of pliers
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    Hi from Bluegrass Kentucky

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    Hi from beautiful Idaho

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    Trailer wiring, 4 pin to 7 pin adapter

    Have you lined up the notch and the raised part of the plug they only connect one way. The socket does look odd and markings on it?
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    Battery size

    Group 27 or 31 will fit in same box usually and don't close that much more. I use two 6 volt golf cart batteries for the last 4 years, but you have to have the room and they are heavy.
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    New Member

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    Trailer wiring, 4 pin to 7 pin adapter

    I too am unfamiliar with different size 7 pin “Bergman “ connector that is commonly used. First. Be sure your trailer doesn’t have brakes or a need for a power terminal. If all you have is tail and stop/turn just replace the trailer plug