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    Pilot light trouble

    The blockage could be as simple as a spider web inside the tube. You may just need to take things apart and clean them out.
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    Pinery Provincial Park

    The dog beach is at the far end of the park. It is quite a long way from the sites so you probably be best off driving over to it. The beach area is big and the water is not that deep so the dog will have a blast.
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    WDH vs. Air bags

    No you should not use a WDH on a C channel frame. The frame is not strong enough and could fail as per Flagstaffs owner manual. Rob
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    Wiring repair question - 12v wiring up into the roof

    If you are able to, solder a piece of wire onto the piece coming out of the roof and put some heat shrink on it. If you can then slide that piece up into the roof so you have extra wire for future repairs. Rob
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    Any Ram, Jeep, or Other Chrysler Owners Part of Recall?

    I might be wrong on this but my understanding is you can have your vehicle repaired or you can have it bought back at $1000.00 over fair market value. If you choose the buy back it is applied to the purchase of a new Chrysler vehicle. The reason the vehicles can be resold is because they are...
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    Inverter issue

    What you have is actually a power converter. It switches 120V to 12V. There should be a switch to kill power to the roof. It is usually somewhere on the area where the galley flips onto. When the galley is flipped up it allows power to go to the roof lights. It is a safety device that cuts...
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    Propane detector won't turn off

    Propane detectors are hard wired and meant to be on all the time. Rob
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    Wanted: Awning Pole Stock

    When I broke one of the poles I found a local company that makes custom antennas. They had the exact dimension stock that I needed and it cost about $12.00 for a piece.
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    What grade of oil do you use?

    With increased tolerances, needs to get lubrication to all areas of the engine as quickly as possible and oil pressure used to adjust things like valve timing on engine start up for emissions, oil needs to flow faster. Better fuel mileage is also another positive. Advances in oil technology mean...
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    Maiden voyage and hitch recall

    That black connector in the picture is for On Board Diagnostics. It is where they plug in a scanner to check for codes. Rob
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    Switching to 12V

    There will be a safety switch that is commonly on the flip down galley. If the galley is not in the upright position the lights wont work. This prevents the lights being on when the trailer is folded down and causing a fire. The switch may be somewhere else beside the galley. Rob
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    Seen on the road

    Be careful about taking pictures like this to the police. If you did that here you would probably get a ticket yourself for using an electronic device while driving. Rob
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    Pressureized Water tank(AIR not elec. pump)

    There is no reason why you could not pressurize the water system with air. The one thing you would need to do is close off the overflow drain on your water tank. Install a valve so you can open it to fill your tank and then close it to pressurize it. Rob
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    Ford F150 with a 3.7

    Sounds like you got a great deal. Now for pics. Rob