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    how to/should I -- lubricate leaf springs

    I find my PUP somewhat noisy when going over bumps with squeaks and various noises as we travel. I am wondering if I should be lubricating the leaf springs on my PUP to prevent wear on the leafs as they move up and down. I can really find anything on this and am wondering what everyone else...
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    Bedding Suggestions for Kids

    we do the sleeping bag thing for our 8 yo and he is fine. He often wriggles out of it, but that's fine. We also put the bunk-end warmer on low unless it is real hot out. dw and I just use blankets.
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    Set Up/Tear Down Checklist

    so that whole #7 things raises the old question of when you drop the stabilizers. Before or after raising the roof. My Rockwood specificall says to drop the stabilizers first and then raise the roof, I know others however ,will tell you to raise the roof first and then drop the stabilizers...
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    Does anyone here update with campground info?

    It is in YOUR best interests to update sites like this with positive reviews if they deserve it. The only way 'good spots' stay good spots is if they get business. One way for them to get bussiness is by good references. IMHO
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    New TV

    gotta love the F-150! I'm a big Ford fan - especially as prevously said - not from the gov't. Have fun with the new toy.
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    Does anyone here update with campground info?

    I do as much as possible as I use it as a resource to find and/or confirm places we will/might go. If it get's a bad rating on that site, I usually thing twice
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    Ford escape as TV

    I honestly can't say enough good things about my Escape. I have the XLT V6 4WD and it's a 2003. Never a problem. I currently tow a Rockwood which I estimate fully loaded is about 2000 pounds. I have never had a problem towing. The Escape does a great job -- hardly know it's there most of...
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    Seasonal Camping with a PUP

    My wife is pressing me to get something at a seasonal camping site. I have generally resisted this option as I like to go to different places. It is a nice camp ground - almost all seasonal and only $2000 for the season. I really don't want to go to the expense of getting rid of the PUP and...
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    New Tow Vehicle

    I gotta say, I love FORD. They make great vehicles. I've had a bunch and never a complaint, never on the side of the road. I currently have an Escape and expect to have it for a few more years. I'd love to get a F-150.... have fun!
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    Anyone else feel this way

    My wife is always worried about that. The whole trailer wiggles and jiggles whenever anyone moves. I just put it out of my mind. I sleep crossways at the furthest end of the big bunk. I just trust in engineers and forget about it all. zxxxzzzzzzzzz [SNZ]
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    Am I a bad dad?

    So, I'll just pipe in with my own opinion.... I have a 7yo, so in some ways, I have not hit the tough years. Here are the rules that I live by. 1. Motivation is the key. If kids are not motivated, they will not perform. In my world, that means that if the movie player, DS and MP3 player...
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    Where Ottawa

    I have a Voyager as well.... paid $300 for the controller and 7 wire kit on my Escape. That seems to be the going price for a base end brake controller installed from what I can see. I'm very happy with the Voyager - I hear complaints, but it's fine for me. My only complaint is that it gets...
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    Niagara Falls Canada... any suggetions...

    For sure, we find Yogi Bear noisy (road and neighbours), but not that bad. It's not a party place, but more a family place, so most of the noise in my opionion is the QEW. Yes, it is open concept and packed in, but that has not been a problem for us. Mostly we go there for our 7yo son, so the...
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    Leveling Dilemmas!

    I was always taught that you should be leveling the floor of the trailer, so I put an 8 inch level at the door and level both ways. I don't get anal about it, I just get it pretty close - as long as the bubble is between the lines I'm good. Always done it that way and never a problem. I...
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    Neighbors To the North (Ontario, Canada)

    There are lots of great provincial parks. If you go to -> you will see them all.