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    Laminant cutting

    Nice job. Cutting laminate can be a nightmare, but you mastered it.
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    Removing shower forever

    Maybe should sell that pup and get one without. That unit is only 4 yrs old. It's value will plummet if that kind of modification is made. Store things in the tow vehicle. Store things in the shower. Your friend is going to find that she does need the toilet and probably the shower with 3 kids.
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    Women popping up solo

    I am old, short and overweight, but I set up and tear down all by myself. I take a few breaks and that helps. Of course, when it is just me I have less that I take with me so that makes it easier.
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    Canvas cleaner

    There are a multitude of Mold and Mildew Stain Remover products on the marker. I'm not going to endorse any of them but simply suggest that you find one and dilute a portion and try it on a very small area to test. I will say that when you are finished and the canvas has dried you will need to...
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    Who wants hard walls for their inside shower?

    I've considered making something similar from Coroplast.
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    So nervous first trip and camper moves a lot is this normal

    You are only going to use the leveling blocks under the low side tire. Chock the opposite tire first then you can chock the wheel on the leveling blocks. Now, level front to back using the trailer jack.
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    cheapest hitch?

    Your going to get more answers by starting your own thread. Jumping on this thread will only get the attention of someone interested in answering the OP's question. Just sayin'
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    Water logged ceiling

    If you go to the section, "In The Garage" there is a subsection about roofs. There are more threads about roof repairs than anything else since the roof of a pop up is the weakest point.
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    Repairs worth it?

    If you don't have the time, skills, or desire to tackle the project then sell it to someone who wants that project and spend you money on one that costs $3000 to $4000 cause that is what you would spend having someone fix the Rockwood. I am a DIY, fixer upper kinda gal, but when it comes to my...
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    Trip from hades

    You said the tires could be old. Now that you have all new tires, what is the state of your wheel bearings? When were they last serviced?
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    Roll-up curtains

    Would you happen to have a picture of your roll-up curtains?
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    IS it like this EVERYWHERE? "animal restrictions"

    A "Service Dog" does not mean that it is intended for military service members. A "Service Dog" is available for anyone who has a medical need, be it physical or psychological.,
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    Too hot and humid for this senior to go camping.

    You just had to rub it in, didn't you! Wish I was there.
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    1976 cox conestoga hardtop

    If you are not going to convert to electric brakes I'm not sure why you would want to replace the whole system. Hydraulic brake parts are no different than your car brakes. I took my 1976 Apache to a brake shop and they were able to service them. Have a trusted mechanic look at it before you...
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    Newbie Needs HELP!!

    This was my first mistake. After I got the pegs at the bottom of the upper section into the holes in the frame it worked. Would be good to have a pic of the lower part of the door from the outside when he is holding it up like in the pic you posted.