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    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    For breakfast - egg and bacon burritos!
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    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    I do the same - but I make a turkey chili instead of beef. I freeze single servings in zip loc baggies. One thing I make is basic ramen noodles but use only part of the seasoning packet - I pre cut stuff like green onion, shredded carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini- you name it - you can...
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    canvas cleaning

    We used Mold Armor spray - green spray bottle from Walmart - I believe it was in the Automotive department. Home Depot also carries it in gallons. We had gray canvas where a roof leak had occurred - prior owner had not repaired it so it had sat for years and gotten literally BLACK in several...
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    Trashy State Park

    We have been out several times this year - mostly National Forest and 1 state park - TN and NC. There were Several bear proof trash receptacles In the parks and 1 large recycle “dumpster”. We saw no trash anywhere - BUT there were 2 couples that were camp hosts and they literally worked their...
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    We had a 1997 Dutchman that had a cassette toilet/shower combo - absolutely loved it- you just pulled the cassette tank out and took it to the toilet or dump station without having to drive the trailer up there. We had a grey water tank on board, but I usually chose to collect that in a 8 gal...
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    In Asheville NC
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Yeah, first thing the wife ask to see was the toilet area - and I must admit that was the main reason - beside the huge space- that WE bought it. LOVE the cassette toilet/shower combos!
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Yeah, and I had just installed an older Coleman 13000 btu on it the week before - what a difference - kinda wish now I hadn’t sold it - but I have a smaller molded fiberglass camper and the setup and maintenance on it are almost non- existent- hard for me to deal with the large popup anymore -...
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Hi all - haven’t post much lately - and haven’t used my popup for well over a year so decided to sell - 1997 Dutchmen 1204 with Cassette toilet shower combo and older Coleman AC on the roof. Camper was in great shape except for - you guessed it - the roof - with ABS pebble look roof. I...
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    Gorilla Glue Crystal Clear Tape

    There is Sikaflex caulk at Homedepot in the roofing department - about half the cost of Dicor - I used it 2 yrs ago to caulk - worked as good as Dicor.
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    07 Fleetwood Avalon surprise

    ill Check tomorrow to see if I have any photos and post them.
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    07 Fleetwood Avalon surprise

    Sorry I don’t. When you start tearing into the old luan you won’t be able to get all of it out - I ended up leaving a thin layer that was just STUCK. Check your roof sides on driver and passenger. Chances are if it’s leaking it will be around/under the trim along the sides of the roof. My...
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    Camping Near Gorges State Park

    If you stay at Black Forest and like to golf, there’s a Really nice little Par 3 18 hole golf course just up the road a little - Sherwood Forest. They have great rates, twilight rates, regular carts and decent pull carts. Usually can see lots of wildlife (even deer) on the greens. The manager...