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    Replacement awning bag?

    My first post under the new system, and maybe my last. But still important: Advice I've seen on this group for a couple years: "Take it to a marine sew shop". Well, we finally did. Found a local sew shop and just dropped in. The bag was tearing away from the plastic rib/holder, and the...
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    2017 CA Winter Rally Round 2, Red Rock Canyon SP

    That's only 2 hours from home, but I already have many commitments that weekend. Boo.
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    Official 2017 Winter SoCal Rally Carizzo Plains

    ...And I still don't have Sunday off. Trying, but no bites so far.
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    Taos or upgrade to Niagara?

    Ditto. The hard-sided bath and slide makes a huge difference. My wife is much, much happier camping now. And middle-of-the-night trips to the outdoor bathroom are no more! We really like our Niagara.
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    Upstate Ny. New to us pop-up. Ready for camping weather!!!

    Welcome, and how far north are you? Dear Wife is from Watertown, which is why we now live and camp in Southern California! [:D]
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    Official 2017 Winter SoCal Rally Carizzo Plains

    Still trying to get Sunday off...
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    Niagara Axle Upgrade

    Oh well, rats. That's my last week teaching at the academy. Just drove through there last Sunday, too...
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    Niagara Axle Upgrade

    I am so completely interested in this, as it is the exact same modification I want to do. If you're anywhere near the Ventura area I'll come and help you install, just for the practice!
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    Official 2017 Winter SoCal Rally Carizzo Plains

    Still very interested but cannot commit just yet.
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    Bye for a week, don't get crazy!

    Seeing as I haven't been able to reply for a week, you can tell that the boss has had his revenge... No problems with the bears, they were just wandering around. Did not disturb the trash dumpster even. This was at a private gun range next to Forest Service campgrounds in Ventura county.
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    Bye for a week, don't get crazy!

    Just got back. Bears in camp one night, wild horses another. And we had secret wifi internet access, but don't tell my employer!
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    Bye for a week, don't get crazy!

    So, this is where I'll be for the next week. No phone, no Internet, unless the biggest emergencies. I'm sure there will be lots of drama to catch up with next week, see you then! (this is last year's photo)...
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    Hitched up and bottomed out

    I performed an axle "flip" myself, and it has been nothing but sunshine and roses ever since... (well, except for that extra step thing). But in all seriousness, other than the greater height getting in and out, I am much happier.
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    Hello! 2000 Coleman Niagara here!

    Wow, you are very detailed! Good luck with the popup, but I don't think you'll need it!
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    Weight Dist Hitch or Sway Control Only

    Congrats on the Niagara! I have the 2005. Using the tongue weight measuring steps on the etrailer site, I have 410 lbs with 2 full propane tanks, battery, and electric jack. Full trailer weight is 3,400 lbs on a CAT scale. Does the 2006 have a black tank or just the cassette toilet? Yours...