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    Hello from SC - 1st Camper

    Howdy from the Greenville Spartanburg area! DH and I have 2 granddaaughters who are about the same age as your kids. Welcome aboard
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    Can I use a small tank on inside stove?

    You should also never use a low pressure propane appliance of any type without the proper regulator. Severe injury can occur.
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    LED Bulbs, do you prefer the flat panels or cylinder shaped options?

    I would go with a semi gloss instead of flat white. Much more reflective. Might even consider high gloss. Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk
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    Closed PUP Roof and Wall Alignment Issue/Questions

    My guess is something packed in the floor is obstructin the slide. Tenting should not be "stuffed" but folded out of the way as neatly as possible. I make sure the thickest bulkiest part of the canvas is toward the center and not near the edges. Have you adjusted the length of the latches? Sent...
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    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    Medical transcriptionist (I get to work at home). Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Spartanburg, SC

    Welcome from Taylors, SC! We have been out 4 times this year and have 4 more trips planned (1 this weekend in fact). Where to you camp the most? We are heading to Croft in October but hitting Oconee, Table Rock, and Sadler's Creek before that.
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    2005 Chevy trailblazer??

    GMC Envoy here and it tows wonderfully. No struggles but as above, use 3rd instead od Drive at times . The owner's manual is actually helpful regarding towing. Recommend that you read up on it in there. Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk
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    what is a good table top grill?

    Uniflame here too. About 6 years old and going strong. We use a 5 lb refillable tank. Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk
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    Thetford 550P freshwater cap leak

    We use our potty even if we have water. Just easier to fill it is all. Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
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    Thetford 550P freshwater cap leak

    Try putting some plastic wrap over the fill hole and then placing the cap back on. Might not work but worth a try. FYI, I don't the potties are designed to be moved around with the fresh water tank filled. Even our built in one isn't. Sent from my SM-T530NU
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    Tesla Model X Towing Capacity 10,000 LBS!

    Where is all this electricity going to come from? The epa is already causing a huge reduction in our capacity to produce electricity. My powwr company is always whining about how much electricity is used for air conditioning and heat that they want controls on heat pumps so they can shut them...
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    Do you use a dining tent?

    Ez-up canopy with the screen and sides. Awning doesn't have enough room under it for the picnic table, the coolers, and our shoes. I set up my bare-bones outdoor kitchen under the canopy and still have room for chairs and a small side table. Used more for shade than anything here in the south...
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    Poll:What did you pay for your NTY PopUp?

    Paid $1850 for our 1993 Coleman Destiny Roanoke in 1988 and used it until late fall 2014. Purchased a brand-new 2015 Flagstaff 205 early this spring for $9995.
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    1990 Coleman Roanoke - Direct Cranking Mechanism

    I see now. The 93 we owned had the push lock. Love that they did so many different things in just a few years which makes it hard to fix replace. Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk
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    1990 Coleman Roanoke - Direct Cranking Mechanism

    There should be a square "lock" that you push in to catch the pin after raising. Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk