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    Not sure but he is pretty
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    Will mark it on the calendar. But will have to see if I can make it
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    2023 Spring Rally PA/OH

    In a totally dark room after beer and chili Could be dangerous!
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    2022 Fall Rally Pymatuning State Park

    Ok. I’m joining you all. Booked site j233 Fri to Sunday
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    2022 Letchworth State Park Rally

    Last time I had slot of fun it cost me alot of money at the casino! Hope everyone Enjoys the rally! Good luck with the camper
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    Burning up brakes

    I think The brakes were working at some degree also, however if he was slightly dragging or couldn’t tell until the warning light came on and start smelling burn , they probably was out of adjustment from the start. Especially if not manually adjusted in a while. I know once I was...
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    Burning up brakes

    Is that spindle alittle blue? Usually a sign of high heat, it it’s gets too hot it could crack at some point . How’s the bearings look?
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    Burning up brakes

    Good luck, depending on how much damage you may find, you may want to try calling your insurance company it may be covered?
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    Burning up brakes

    Since you had a lot of brake dust. I also would still pull the tires and take a look at the brakes to make sure nothing is hanging up . If they didn’t lock up as supposed to you may need some adjustment there
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    Dutch oven brownies

    cast iron brownies anyone?
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    April 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Did you apply to your camper yet? Would like a pic of finished product
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    Deposit down. New to me

    Ok. I went with a fastway E2. Trunion 800/8000. I got it pretty much hooked up. The front wheel well. Measurement is 1/8 higher when hooked up. And the ball seems to sit 2 inches lower. Under load with spring bars attached at half way point on L bracket. Should I try moving the...
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    Deposit down. New to me

    Used. But decent price