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    If you had 5000

    I am a fan of the Goshen lift system and wouldn't buy a pup without it. Everyone has their own opinion, but not having to remove cabinets, etc to access the lift system is a plus.
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    Leveling front to back

    I also found that putting my level on the step was the best place to determine "level" front to back. I would put the step out and put the level on it. I had a hard time finding the right place as most things on the outside of the pup aren't flat/level. I built a three step thing to level...
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    Goshen cable replace with instructions

    Is the lift system a Goshen lift system? Do you access it from underneath the pup or behind components, cabinets, etc inside? Goshen are external and not behind cabinets.
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    Campground Commute

    Where is this lake and cg you speak of?
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    Towing a Pop Up with a Mazda 626 can it be done?

    I once had a 2001 Mazda 626 and I think the owners manual said 1000lbs max. I may be remembering that wrong and it may be different than a 1999. I. Now have a 2010 Mazda 6 and it says not tow anything with it. Do you have a 4cyl or 6cyl engine? My 2001 had a V6.
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    The Music Game

    Heart of Glass--Blondie
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    post mildew cleaning question

    We looked at that stuff but it says to not use on fabric. Our pup was a Rockwood with cloth backed vinyl. I wasn't willing to risk it. We found some stuff at West Marine that said safe for fabrics. It did pretty great but pretty well.
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    New Rig-- Sold the Pup and got a Utilitoy

    Utilitoy is the brand....and You can see more about them st their website. However, I will warn you that their site is pretty bad. You may he better served to google "utilitoy" and look at the link for the one at Randy's Trailer Town. Now, that one isn't there anymore but it is a...
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    New Rig-- Sold the Pup and got a Utilitoy

    Ha ha ha... Yes, my aunt has a [email protected] and came to visit us while camping over Memorial Day weekend. That is a hoot!
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    Thinking that we might not be puppers for much longer

    Just a follow up. We did sell the pup and bought a Utilitoy. Very different. We are pleased so far. Pics of the rig can be found in my thread in the "check out my rig" board. Just wanted to close the loop with y'all after the great conversation over the winter. I will remain a portal person...
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    New Rig-- Sold the Pup and got a Utilitoy

    I forgot to mention it can be completely hosed out at the end of the day. They do make them with integrated ramps to haul 4-wheelers, etc. The diamond plated sides on the inside hold some supports. You can put them up and then put the plywood across it and use the foldable queen size mattress...
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    New Rig-- Sold the Pup and got a Utilitoy

    I have added a few more pics to the photo stream. Thanks for asking :) It is very basic unit, but just the thing for us.
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    New Rig-- Sold the Pup and got a Utilitoy

    I just wanted to report to my portal friends that we have sold the pup. Some of you may recall over the winter I said that we might sell it. We just don't think pop-up camper is the way for us. Since we store the unit 2.5 hours from home, the stress that it was going to rain on Sunday was...
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    Cleaning and waterproofing vinyl coated canvas

    Thanks for calling Rockwood, that is VERY helpful! That is what is so confusing--- manufacturers use different materials. I can't imagine using something as harsh as fantastic or simple green on our vinyl coated canvas. I think it is great for sunbrella, but not for my material. I think it is...
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    Cleaning and waterproofing vinyl coated canvas

    Okay, so I bought some products. What do you think? Outside of vinyl cleaning: Couldn't find any automotive vinyl cleaner, so found some RV awning cleaner that says safe for vinyl as well as many other materials. Since it says safe for vinyl...what do you think? Outside of vinyl protecting...