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    Good Websites for Trip Planning / Campground Reviews / Etc.?

    There is a great campground review group on FB just for Popup campers and other small camper owners
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    Cpap inverter power.

    Do not use an inverter to power your CPAP. Most CPAPs operate on 12VDC power and you plug it into a converter which you then plug in to a 120VAC outlet. If you are camping then you can eliminate the converter and connect direct to the battery. Go to and you can find the appropriate...
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    Rooftop AC vs Portable AC

    Cold air sinks, therefore a roof top is better. Rooftops are normally 2.5-3 times the BTUs of a portable AC also.
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    How far have you ONE day ?

    your camper tires in most cases are ST tires and should be filled to the max PSI stamped on the camper tire or close to it...I believe in most cases that is 65lbs.
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    How far have you ONE day ?

    Longest so far was from inlaws house in Jax. FL back to coastal NC...500 miles. That was our longest trip of about 780 miles from NC to spring training at Jupiter, FL. Longest tow in a day and then set up was 380 miles to Lake Powhatan Rec. Area Asheville, NC and a second 380 mile trip to...
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    CPAP with no on-board battery

    most CPAPs are 12V however some of the newer ones are 24V
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    Savannah GA CG Recommendatios

    For Savannah...Skidaway is awesome...the sites are humongous and it is only a 12 minute drive to the downtown tourist attractions...there is also Fort McAllister a few more miles away which is also very nice but my recommendation is Skidaway. You should look here at the reviews...
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    CPAP with no on-board battery

    Given these power consumption specifications for the Resmed 10 I don't understand how you believe a 22ah battery can last one night much less two. 90W power supply unit AC input range: 100–240V, 50–60Hz 1.0–1.5A, Class II 115V, 400Hz 1.5A, Class II (nominal for aircraft use) DC output: 24V...
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    Has anyone NOT insured their pup?

    The insurance on my truck would cover any damages caused by my camper whether attached or if it becomes unattached. BTW, Tarholes played another great game tonight against the Hurricanes...almost as good as they played against ECU.
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    Has anyone NOT insured their pup?

    That makes no sense, have never insured my camper and have lived in nc all 55 years of my life....also have gone years without insurance on boat trailer
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    Group 24 battery- long trip planned

    Use the battery charger you are driving....turn your tow vehicle around and connect the camper battery to the running tow battery with a pair of heavy duty jumper cables. Do this every other day for 30 minutes and you will be golden.
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    FYI, SC campers be aware

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    FYI, SC campers be aware

    The SC State Parks system has changed from having a flat rate for campsites to a system where the cost increases as the number of sites available in a campground decreases. The old supply and demand model. So if you want to camp at a SC State Park make your reservations as far in advance as...
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    Removing Propane Tanks

    I believe on your model it may fold down
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    Myrtle Beach State Park Oct. 18-21, 2013

    Huntington Beach SP is much nicer