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    Yikes..this snake was in the swimming hole

    Why would this be a joke ? [?:~{] This is serious , and ftr - animals/reptiles/fish were here LONG before any of us were ( human beings that is ) Well , first off , no .. we are NOT pretty adaptable ... if things are not the way we want them , we change them to the way we want them . Next ...
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    Campground Etiquette - VERY important subject matter :)

    For those that can't see it , or get onto FACEBOOK ... here is a link on FILEDROPPER or try clicking on the link below -------
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    Put grease on the hitch ball?

    TFISHER ---- touche .... finally someone else on the same page as myself .
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    Yikes..this snake was in the swimming hole

    Gotsta remember here folks ... we SHARE this Earth with the animals and insects . If you don't like them where they are , then don't go where they are . Food for thought ... camping is supposd to be getting back to nature . Well , gonna be kinda hard to do that without going where critters...
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    Road Shower anyone?

    Did on the rollup Coleman bag ... had it for years and STILL works GREAT . No leaks after all its been thru and heats up REAL nice and rolls up nice and compact for easy storage when not in use . No need to have that large chunk of PVC around and then having to worry about pressurizing it either .
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    Campground Etiquette - VERY important subject matter :)

    Probably one the MOST important things for you to remember when first entering a CG is be sure to utilize proper CG etiquette ... and of course , this DOES include that when entering the CG ... pulling in properly ... [:O] So , for all you that are not quite sure how NOT to pull into the CG ...
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    Seems like we just got her and now we're putting the 1407 up for the winter.

    [LOL] yeah ... up here during those months , if your PUP is UP , then its UP , and if its down , well , lets say even Viagra wouldn't help [LOL] Between the snow and ice ... would be REAL hard on the crank and cables . ( that not to mention what your canvas would look like - [:!] ) but ...
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    Skamper Owners Sound Off!

    Skamper 170C ... and we LOVE it ! ! !
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    Put grease on the hitch ball?

    Greasing a ball hitch is no different than greasing a 5th wheel ( whether on a semi or a pick up ) ... the grease is applied for MULTIPLE reasons/uses 1) the obvious ... friction so that the ball moved easier when turning . 2) makes better ground contact with the towing vehicle 3) saves on...
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    So where will YOU be when the DARKNESS falls upon ALL of us ?

    Well , I guess I'd better re-iterate .... AND clarify things here ... In case some of you don't get a chance to watch TV commercials , there was one where a kinda cute looking gal was talking to a fellla about how - "if its on the world wide wide ... then its GOTTA be true" and her new...
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    So where will YOU be when the DARKNESS falls upon ALL of us ?

    Ok , NASA says we are going to experience 3 days ( 72 hours ) of total darkness ( yes , the entire world ) on Dec 21 , 22, and 23 of this year due to a sun storm . So , are you going to be one that freaks out and looses it ? Or you going to go about "business" as usual , OR ... your just...
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    Less than 1/2" clearance tires to inner wheel well

    And thats NOT stock suspension if you can get away with 1/2 inch clearance .
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    Boondocking and generators - how much gas

    Just something me and the wife had discussions about and she says that me bringing "extra" is useless ...
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    Hitch bike rack on the back of the camper

    There is one thing that a lot of you seem to not realize ..... Covering your license plate AND or brake/tail lights IS against the law ( not to mention a safety hazard for covering the lights ) and you can be fined AND force you to CLEAR them right then or you WON'T be allowed to travel...
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    LED Bug light

    [A] VERY nicely put . [A]