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    Report on use of Thermal Blankets on Bunkends

    I am another firm believer in the "gizmos". When I purchased my avalon, I opted NOT to get the 15,000BTU A/C upgrade. After spending several trips during our hot Texas summer, I was beginning to regret not getting the bigger A/C unit. I then decided to get the "gizmos" - not real sure it...
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    Follow up on our SPUT

    Eric, you'll be happy to know that two weeks ago, I was pulling out of my driveway taking my daughter camping. Then something made me think "i didn't do a walk around" - so i stopped the truck and walked around the trailer. Sure enough, I had left the power lift remote plugged in. So, you're...
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    Gray water.. whats the big deal?

    Well to answer that question completely will require the typical "it depends" answer. Some campsites are ok with dumping grey water directly at the site (fewer and fewer of these exist). However, most campsites restrict grey water dumping - and the main reason is that not all dish detergent...
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    Are screen rooms worth it?

    We bought a screen room for our fleetwood and so far it hasn't been too bad. We've been camping three times and the first time we set it up it took almost 35 minutes. The second time took about 25 minutes and this last time we set it up it took my DW and I about 17-18 minutes. To me, this...
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    Leveling the monster

    I think i might give these a try - same price as lynx levelers - but with one set i can get 4" lift (according to product info). I measured distance between my tires and i can fit one of these behind each tire. I'll let you guys know how they work after this weekend (if you are interested)...
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    a/c made out of a cooler

    here's another one... oops, nevermind - this brand was mentioned in the post above mine '68 Rick '68 Kim '94 Travis '96 Aaron '97 Jesse '04 Colonel (retriever) '02 Suburban '07 Fleetwod Avalon Edited by - the_greenhorn on April 23 2007 22:04:39
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    a/c made out of a cooler

    Or you could just buy one of these - only $40 - why make your own? '68 Rick '68 Kim '94 Travis '96 Aaron '97 Jesse '04 Colonel (retriever) '02 Suburban '07 Fleetwod Avalon
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    Yakima Roof Mount Bike Rack

    I'm using the Yakima with 5 raptor's on my avalon. Only had bikes with us once out of the four times we've been camping - but I drove through 30-40mph gusts going to Lake Texana two weekends ago and the racks/bikes held up just fine. It's a tight fit getting 5 bikes on the roof and the center...
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    Leveling the monster

    Lynx levelers should work just fine and no jacks - makes sense. Thanks for the advice! '68 Rick '68 Kim '94 Travis '96 Aaron '97 Jesse '04 Colonel (retriever) '02 Suburban '07 Fleetwod Avalon
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    Leveling the monster

    Question for all of you leveling experts - I have the new Avalon which is a dual axle beast weighing in at around 3800 lbs dry. Anyone have any ideas on how to easily level with dual axles? Two or three sets of lynx? Should I buy an automotive jack and use that to jack up between the wheels...
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    Fridge insulation problem?

    Yes, that is definitely what I am going to do to my vents. I have plenty of nylon screen laying around for the task. My next task is to find the 12v wiring to tap into for fans. All of my wires are in pliable conduit and i'll have to cut into them to find the 12v. I also have some computer...
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    Fridge insulation problem?

    Thanks for that! I've got some nylon screen in the garage so I'll have to break out the soldering iron and give it a go. I know the nylon screen will be ok for the fridge vents - do you think it will be ok for the hot water heater vent as well? '68 Rick '68 Kim '94 Travis '96 Aaron '97 Jesse...
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    Fridge insulation problem?

    ok, i went and checked mine and I have the same thing - no insulation in those gaps. Not sure if it would benefit from more insulation or not. Have to do some research on that. If you don't mind me asking, how did you attach the screen to the plastic vents? I had the dealer put a screen in...
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    Lowering your PUP

    As another reminder similar to Steve's post above - the dealer also told me to make sure that you have at least one rear stabilizer down before stepping inside the popup. When popped up in my driveway just to pack and get ready for a trip I can totally see myself forgetting to put stabilizers...
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    Sewer hose question

    Hello again barcar1 - i realize this is an old post but I thought I would reply anyway. Did you find what the problem was? I can't remember what brand we bought - but we bought a sewer hose from Walmart (black and orange box, black hose with orange ends). It has worked very well so far for us...