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    May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    I need to visit it after our camping trip last month and tell her we haven't forgotten her. Next camping trip is in June and I have big plans for doing stuff to the camper before that trip.
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    Yellowstone Camping Question

    I agree with @gec66. Colter Bay is the way to go. Lots of sites and easy day trips to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.
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    propane firepits

    I have an Outland with the carry bag. It makes a nice fire. Like @Sjm9911 I carry an extra propane tank. I have the hose to swap and connect it to my trailer's low pressure quick connect, just haven't seen the need yet.
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    Weight distribution hitch: yes or no?

    I would say that given where your camper’s spare tire is, a WDH is out.
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    Wet bolt install

    Looks good! I think you'll enjoy the better suspension. My first camper had shot suspension and I re-did the entire axle and suspension. It sure rode better after.
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    Had to cut the rivets - now what?

    Shouldn't create a problem. Using the tool is as easy as using a pair of pliers or scissors.
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    Had to cut the rivets - now what?

    New rivets the same size as the ones you drilled out. If you can find "exploding rivets" they work great. Rivets are easy to install.
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    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    I imagine that those individuals on the other forums that are saying they ignore the rules are some of the newbies that have flooded the campgrounds. If everyone is following the rules, then everyone has a much nicer stay. Nothing ticks me off more than listening to some fool's music when they...
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    Officially moved to the "Dark Side"

    Very nice! I too have moved to the dark side and am thoroughly enjoying it.
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    coleman gravity fresh water inlet hose

    Take a look at this. Water Fill Kit The second image shows how things are usually hooked up.
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    2 batteries with 2 kill switches: 1 on positive and 1 on negative?

    On my travel trailer, I put a kill switch between the inside of the camper and the battery. This allows me to keep battery power for the tongue jack and stabilizers, but leave the inside off completely. You don't need two switches, just one between the camper and the battery. Don't connect the...
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    New to owning a camper

    Welcome to the group from Ohio!
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    Exclusionary effects of campsite allocation through reservations in U.S. national parks

    I could open it. I spent most of my life in academia and skimmed the report (like most people will). It looks like they are saying that socioeconomic factors play into if you can get a reservation. The report says managers should make it more clear how to get reservations in top places and that...
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    Uh Oh! Another One Goes to the Dark Side!

    The video is put out by the major manufacturer of compressor fridges. So take it with a grain of salt. When I went camping last month, I chilled my 12v compressor fridge using the battery and noted the time and amp draw. It 1.5 hours to get fully cold. During that time it was drawing 6 amps...
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    Need bike rack

    I used one of these for years. It works pretty well and doesn't affect towing too much.