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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    Ended up the stove couldn't be repaired so it was junked and the door won't stay closed. Otherwise still okay.
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    Leveling Dilemmas!

    [:(] I must get laughed at a lot when I go camping. I have an 82 Starcrest Flyer and have had it three years and have yet to level it properly. I bought the levels for front and back and side to side, have extra wood scraps and all of that. No matter what I do, my door pops open at night...
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    My (LARGE) pictures from Kankakee RIver S.P.

    [CP] This is my favorite park for sure. My Mom and Dad are from this area. I camp there every Labor Day weekend and at least one time during the summer. There is plenty to do in this area for the kids too. Across Rte 102 there is another part of the park that offers Horseback riding. It...
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    How long did you look??

    I looked before I adopted my daughter and she is 7 now. I found one last year in June, an 82 Starcraft. It is too big for us, but I couldn't find a small one that I could afford. It seems the smaller the more expensive. Someday I hope to have a travel trailer on the light side. Lynn
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    Indianapolis Area camping - Labor Day

    Thank you for all of the tips. I am more of a spontaneous camper. Not a good idea during a holiday weekend. I ended up only finding one site after a bizzillion calls - Peru Indiana. I just decided to stay away from Indy. It was Honey Bear Hollow Campground. Lots of permanent site...
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    Funny Camping Stories

    Three years ago I was camping with friends. We were headed to the shower house in the evening and we saw a lady running down the road screaming "Get back here you [email protected]#%! I looked up and there was a raccoon running down the road dragging a package of steaks in his mouth. The lady didn't...
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    Who here has a vintage pop up?

    I have an 82 Starcraft Flyer 1706. The original owner sold it to me. He kept it in the garage when not in use. Canvas in excellent shape as are all of the cushions. All of the curtains were still unopened in the original bags. His wife didn't like them. Table and sink area could use...
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    Indianapolis Area camping - Labor Day

    Anyone have a great spot to take kids in the Indy region? I want to stay away from Jellystones and Indiana Beach, but I want a place with stuff for kids to do and yet, still enjoy nature with a hike or whatever. This will be only my second time out with my camper. I broke my foot four...
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    Does Your Camper Have A Name?

    Ours is "The Panda Pup". My daughter was adopted from China and she picked 4 Panda for the license plate. We had just been back to China in April 08 and she fell in love with the Pandas. Lynn
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    Bed Sheets

    I buy sheet sets from Goodwill or other thrift stores. THe used sheets seem to fit better because they have been washed a few times. Not much money to invest and easy to replace. Just a thought. Lynn