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    Never read about this before

    Actually, some Amish teenagers drive cars and trucks until they commit themselves to the church. I've been told that some Amish boys are pretty wild until they are ready to marry and have to get serious about the Amish lifestyle.
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    Jeep not going in low 4x4

    100% Correct!!!
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    What's the best Camping advice you have received?

    Better yet, never serve beans for dinner!!
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    1998 Rockwood Freedom 1940

    I have a 1997 Rotwood 1940. I had to rebuild the roof and will have to work on the floor by the door(just a little soft near the edge). It tows great and the lift system works great as long as you keep it lubed.
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    1996 Rockwood Ltd manual

    You can contact Rockwood directly, they sell them for $5. The manual is pretty generic, you can find better answers to any questions you may have on here.
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    Love the New Logo!

    Love the new Pop Up Portal Logo.
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    Roof still sags a little after complete rebuild?

    Is the sag visible from the outside or is it the ceiling?
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    Replacing Ceiling?

    That is how I rebuilt my roof. Do a search...there are a number of helpful threads on the subject.
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    correct tires for Z71 Suburban

    I just did a tire search for 2008(I just pick a year) Suburban Z71. One of the recommended tire was Michelin - LTX M/S2. The specs say max. tire pressure is 44lbs., my Z71 sticker states the tires should be inflated to 50lbs. The suspension can handle "E" load tire just fine, I have 250K...
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    correct tires for Z71 Suburban

    I have a Z71 1500 extended cab GMC truck. I ran "C" load rated tires for about a year, they were dangerous. You should definitely put 10 ply "E" rated tires on your Suburban if you are carrying any weight or do any towing. Your vehicle will handle so much better because of the added strength of...
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    mold and mildew removal

    Home Depot carries it and the other day they had a "buy one get one free" package. You can find it in the paint section.
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    CG referrals for Harper's Ferry, anyone?

    I've never been to Greenbriar SP. The swimming area look nice.
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    Harrowing experience

    I always pull my TV forward a few inches before I latch the coupler. About 1/3 of the time I hear the "thud" of the coupler dropping onto the ball.
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    CG referrals for Harper's Ferry, anyone? is real nice! About 40 minute North of Harper's Ferry.
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    My ntu 1999 Rockwood Freedom

    You got a great deal, I paid $500 for my '97 Freedom without A/C and a leaking roof. Enjoy!!

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