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    a rear awning

    Here is ours and it adjusts up and down.
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    Hanging Storage

    We did shelving and hanging organizers for the bunk ends for wallets,glasses and such. Now the wife makes more organizers.
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    Chair Caddy's and Hanging Organizers for sale

    My wife came up with this hanging organizer for our popup and now these chair caddy's...
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    best popup for rough roads?

    The above Star craft's and Coleman's would be best because they have larger frames, pickup tires & shocks. That said my Coleman Cedar that I lifted for offroad has giving me 5 seasons so far and more to go. And I have taken it over rough roads like this and worse many times.
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    Considering moving battery from tongue to inside ?

    I have one inside under one of the dinette benches in a vented battery box and have had it there for 5 camping seasons with no problems.
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    Hello from SD

    Welcome from Montana
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    Lift on a 1995 Rockview Premier 1908

    You can also extend the stabs by cutting off the foot and adding square tube that will fit and welding on a new foot.
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    We went to the dark side, but kept the popup

    I was missing out on too many potential camping trips do too popup mods or mods to my jeep so I decided to get a bigger trailer but had nothing to pull one with so I set a budget to spend and paid $8000 for the trailer a little to much and got a deal at $5500 for my 1999 Dodge Ram with a...
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    Camp Stoves

    We also prefer white gas stoves but carried a Camp Chef Coven in the popup so we could have the better oven.
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    We went to the dark side, but kept the popup

    We have gone to the dark side for most of our camping we now have a 2002 Keystone Laredo 27RL 30' and a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins TV, but we are keeping our 1993 Coleman Cedar for back country use.
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    Our 1993 Coleman Cedar

    I'm posting this because photo bucket won't let you see my older post of these pics. When we bought it. Added adjustable rear awning. New paint and lifted it & added a rear rack. Added a double step, tire mount, added more lift and 15" tires.
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    Bought my first pup! Now how to light the furnace?

    You said you turned the thermostat up but you did not say you turned the thermostat on they do have a no/off switch on them on the top or bottom, you may have to lay on the floor if it is on the dinette seat and look at the bottom of the thermostat and it may be hard to move. I know this because...
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    New Pop-Up Owner with Air Conditioner. Shopping for the right generator.

    With that size generator it may or may not run it depending on the size of your a/c, I would say it won't and you will need to add a hard start capacitor kit to the a/c and then start the a/c on blower fan only first and the switch to a/c after the genny takes the load. I have seen 2000 watt...
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    Curtains- heavy/blackout or regular curtains?

    I second the reflectix panels for the windows and if not pugs at least emergency blankets turn reflective side up over the bunk ends. The reflectix and bunk end covers will also help in the cold weather, we have camped at 8000+ feet in august and had it snow over night and we still slept warm.
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    bed topper

    I had this problem with my 1993 Coleman Cedar and we added self inflating camp mattresses below the regular mattress and then added 2" memory foam, we remove the memory foam before closing it up and roll them up and store on the floor under the dinette and by the sink cabinet. This was way...